Last week I updated you all on my journeys of moving from the simple Midwest to LA. Now, it is time to update you on what that move was like. I am living in West Hollywood. West Hollywood is a very jovial, carefree, rather fun place. However, the following is a list of differences that I have seen between living in the Kansas and in a place full of extremes.

1. The people

The biggest difference that my sister and I found is the people. Like I said, LA is a place full of extremes. This is especially evident when you're driving. We all know that once true character comes out when they're sitting in a standstill for 20 minutes in their car. We have had some rather unpleasant experiences with people full on north southing us, honking, or just holding their hands out in a fashion of other perplexity and anger.

However, we also have had experiences on the opposite spectrum where people are unbelievably kind, complimentary and upbeat.

Now this is what I like to call the pendulum of extremes.

LA, especially Hollywood displays this perfectly. People are either content and exude genuine kindness or are climbers, malcontents, and simply wish they had more. The trick is in order to find happiness find the right people. Because I had my experience at USC, I'm lucky to say that many of my best friends are from LA and are incredibly sweet.

2. The pace

Another one of the main differences that I've noted is the pace. LA is a city, obviously. However, everything here is extreme. The traffic moves fast, (there is always traffic), and there is a surplus of people. Everyone always seems to be in a hurry, scurrying around. There's always somewhere to be, something to do, and someone to see. This gets exhausting. Living in West Hollywood this summer has really showed me the fact that these things are important to people. Being someone is incredibly important to some people. I found that the pace is almost impossible to keep up with, and the only way to keep up with that is by being content with yourself. It is very very difficult to keep up with the city, especially one like LA where what you look like and what you act like matters. However, being that simple girl from Kansas, I have found that you cannot lose yourself and your genuineness in the rush of superficiality. Step back and realize that the pace is impossible to keep up with here if you want to be happy, and you do not have to keep up with it. You can distance yourself from it and do your own thing!

3. The opportunities

While it may seem like I strongly dislike Los Angeles, I don't hate it that much. I have found that I actually really do like living in West Hollywood, mainly because of the opportunities and just the influx of things to do here. There are so many things to do within a walking distance from the place that I'm staying. There is every restaurant, every trendy bakery, every trendy café, and every store that you could imagine in LA. The opportunities of things to do, things to try, and things to buy is insane. While everything is taken to the extreme here, this is an example of a good extreme. There are places to volunteer, places to work, places to eat, and places to shop that do not exist in the Midwest.

For the future, I will be trying to find places to volunteer that I can walk to in order to keep me busy and fulfilled.

While LA is brutal, I have grown to enjoy it. It's a hard lifestyle to keep up with but once you get the hang of it, it is entertaining and enjoyable.

Till next time!