We are individuals whose passions differ and rely on what our brains are better inclined at achieving. When we are children, our accomplishments are a significant turning point to what our future careers or life choices may be, but as we get older, we begin to think practically instead of passionately, and some of the choices we make do not reflect the passions we have.

Growing older, we begin to understand that the creative minds are somehow considered inferior to the individuals who are more logically inclined, and the insecurities of not thinking practically began to sit on us. This community does not value the creativity of individuals because many people feel that individuals who take the creative approach are not intellectuals, but rather lazy or unpractical. Intellect is not based on how logically we think or how creative our minds work, but rather how we put forth and express our passions, and creative individuals have the ability to do exactly that.

Living in a society where money is the main source of security brings on the pressure to think "practically," but understanding that following your heart rather than following the security of money allows for a source of happiness, rather than failure and depression. Allowing ourselves to comprehend that our passions is the only driving force for our successes allows us to have the strength to go against society's views. When you live your life not focused on what you love doing, it creates an emptiness inside of you and the regret you feel will continue to follow you.

Establishing a life where your happiness overpowers the approval of society will allow you to live each day with a source of strength and pride. Having a creative mind should not be considered inferior, but rather should be put to use so you have the ability to showcase your passions and talent. Practicality is sometimes not an efficient way of living your life, but understanding what your heart wants you to do is.