Time moves too fast. I blinked and I'm officially a senior in college. College is amazing and the absolute time of my life, although the older I get the more I appreciate spending time at home with my family. This summer will be the first living in my college town for the summer. Although there are many pros to this, there comes a lot of cons, too, such as not living with my family every day.

To lighten the mood, here are 10 pros I get to embarrass living by myself in my college town for the summer.

1. Late nights = loads of fun

Sure, my parents enjoy some drinks, but they don't party like we do at Bowling Green State University. After work, I can head to the bars with my friends who have chosen to stay here too which... is always a good night.

2. Nice walking weather

If you're confused by this, it's okay. In college, most people usually walk everywhere. This can suck in the cold months, but since it's summer the weather is beautiful and perfect to walk anywhere at any time.

3. Summer classes

Since I'll be living right next to my university, I'll have great resources, buildings, staff, etc. to make my summer classes easier than they are. At home, I usually find it hard to concentrate on anything related to school. Now that I'll be living at school, I'll have an easier time completing them.

4. Internship opportunities

Since we're talking about school, spending my summer at my university is also amazing due to internship opportunities. Not only will I be learning, but getting professional experiences I need to get me one step closer to graduation and a career.

5. Living with my best friends

Did I mention I'll be living in a house with my besties? Nothing beats that or the fun we're about to have for the rest of the year.

6. Work, work, work

Rihanna has said it in the past, but work is a positive part of this summer living at college, too. I need money to live, therefore I work a lot. During the fall and spring semester, it's difficult to work full time because of the workload from school. With full-time schooling out of the way, I get the opportunity to work full time, which means money.

7. Me-time

I love spending time with myself. Not only is it relaxing, but it allows myself to gather thoughts, think about my future, etc. Living at college during the summer may get lonely at times, but I will get time to myself to relax which is a great thing. Mental health is important to me, so taking time out of my day to personally relax is definitely an advantage I'm pleased with.

8. Organizing my house ahead of time

As I mentioned before, I'll be living in a house with all of my best friends. Most of them won't be moving in till August before the start of the fall semester. Because of this, I'll get the time with my other roommate to organize our home and decorate it throughout the summer. This will make it our home. By the time summer is over, we'll be more than ready to have the rest of the gang moved into our organized, cute, homey-house.

9. Come and go as I please

Since I'll be living in my own house, I won't have to answer to "Where are you going?" "When will you be home?" or "Where have you been?" I can come and go as I please, even if it means leaving at 3 a.m. to make a Taco Bell run. (Sorry Mom & Dad)

10. Living my last summer at college

It sounds odd, but this is a positive point. This is officially my last summer as an undergrad. Why not make the most out of my college career and enjoy my time here while I can? I know I'm sure going to miss it once it's over!