Transitioning To An Apartment From A Dorm Is Actually Amazing

Living in a dorm Freshmen year of college certainly has its pros and its cons. You get really close to your roommate, it is your first independent experience living away from home, and you enjoy living in a community at getting to know people. However, sometimes living in a small room with one to two other people can get cramped. There is a lack of privacy and subsequent claustrophobia that comes along with it. I honestly would not change my Freshman year dorm experience.

That being said, I could not have been more thrilled to be able to move an (on-campus) apartment. It is so nice to have a kitchen. When you want a late snack, instead of having to hike from your dorm to the dining hall, you can just pop over to the kitchen. Being able to roll out of bed and eat breakfast in your apartment is so convenient. I know I will appreciate it even more in the winter- when I can eat inside and not have to walk through the ice and snow.

The absolute best part of having an apartment is having a shower. Being able to hop in the shower before bed and put on your pajamas without having to lug your shower caddy down the hallway. Having an apartment means no more accidentally locking yourself out f your room when you go to shower or forgetting part of your clothes in the room.

I never knew I would love having a living room so much. Even when you come home for the day, you still have a space to relax and unwind with your roommates. It is infinitely easier to have a lot of friends over, to relax, to all watch TV together, and to just generally spend time relaxing together.

I would recommend bringing some rugs and some decorations for the room. Making the apartment look like your own style immediately helps it feels like home. It is the next step in adulting. Suddenly I find myself and my friends cooking and cleaning together. And while the tasks themselves aren't necessarily the most fun, enjoying stepping into the next phase in your life with your friends is such a meaningful experience.

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