Adjusting to life in a dorm isn't always easy. Here are some tips and tricks to help you live a bit more efficiently!

1. Have an emergency fire alarm outfit that is easily accessible.

Unfortunately, middle-of-the-night fire alarms happen. (Don't burn your popcorn kids!) I recommend having a pair of sweatpants, a hoodie, and a jacket on hand that is readily accessible so you can get out quickly.

2. Britas, Britas, Britas!

Britas are a dorm lifesaver. So you don't have to transport big cases of water to your dorm all the time, get a cute reusable bottle and a Brita pitcher, and just fill it in the sink in the lounge. It is also good for the environment!

3. Get a mattress topper (or two).

Dorm mattresses usually aren't the coziest, but this is a quick fix. A quality mattress topper or feather bed is a great investment that will ensure a good night's sleep. (I have both; my bed is like a cloud!)

4. Go to microwavable meals: Ramen noodles, cup-a-noodles, Easy Mac. 

Sometimes you may not be able to hit up the dining hall because your class ends super late, and you don't want to drop $20 on some restaurant's outrageous delivery fee. Ramen noodles, cup-a-noodles, and easy Mac are definitely your friends in these situations. Are they good for you? Probably not. But can help you out in a pinch every now and then? For sure.

5. Maximize your space.

If you have the option, loft your bed as high as you can. This will give you plenty of room for underneath storage!

6. Cheap plastic furniture from Walmart or Target = perfect!

Don't have enough room in the furniture they gave you? Get the cheap plastic drawers at Walmart or Target. They'll fit right under your bed and make organization a breeze.

7. Get some snacks to go.

I don't know about your campus, but mine charges a hidden $70 "stealing fee" in the meal plan charge. This makes me feel a lot less guilty if I grab an apple or a muffin or a banana or something to snack on later. it is definitely a power move.

8. Battery operated lights >>>

Usually, you can't have plug-in Christmas lights because it is a fire hazard. Battery operated string lights that you don't plug into anything are a great option. You can hand them with command hooks and get them anywhere, like Amazon, Target, or Bed, Bath & Beyond.

9. Get some good shower flip-flops.

You never know what goes on in the dorm showers. They may not appear yucky to the naked eye, but I still wouldn't advise risking it for the biscuit and going in barefoot. Definitely cop a pair of $1 flip-flops somewhere and designate those as your shower shoes.