Have you ever thought about how attached we are to our technology? We all walk around with smartwatches on our wrists and phones in our hands. One day as I was scrolling through Facebook, I realized how people live and thrive off of likes, comments, and followers. I feel like this is more of a problem for certain generations than others but what will the future be like? All the kids who are in elementary school have cell phones nowadays, like how dependent are they going to be on technology?

I don't mean to diss social media in such a way. This is just something I've realized the past couple of months and it's something that's been on my mind a lot recently. I feel like social media is used mainly for bragging rights. It's used for a lot of bad things, but I think we as a society could do better. When celebrities post photos, we either idolize them or we hate them for it. We either love everything they stand for or we hate it. If someone shows a little too much of their body, we're either like "good for you girl! Body positivity all the way!" or "what is wrong with you? You need to lose weight!" Social media definitely has its double standard and it makes me so mad and it's the reason I rarely post anything. If someone comments something rude or mean on your photo, do you keep it there or do you delete it because you don't want anyone else to see it? Be honest.

We are all guilty of this: posting the good parts of our lives online and leaving out the bad parts. We all want to show and brag about the good but will do anything to hide away the bad. When was the last time you were honest with your followers about your struggles? Or maybe your mental health? Everyone hides everything away. Be you. Be the best you that you can be.

When I post something, I don't care if it gets 2 likes or 200. Why does the number matter so much anyway? If you have 5000 followers/friends, how likely is it that you even know that many people? I don't live for the likes or the followers. I don't care what someone thinks. If I like something, I'll share it. I think social media could be used for a lot more positivity than what it actually is. Everyone should encourage kindness to one another. I have a community of people I know, people who love my writing and my ideas, and people who love and encourage me. Read that last sentence again. Isn't that the goal and the dream? I think so.