I know I am loved, but sometimes I forget to "Live Loved."

I am a daughter of the King, I am his most prized possession, and I am constantly loved. But, that doesn't mean I always remember. I find myself, more often lately, forgetting that I am loved and wanted.

He calls me towards His loving embrace, I run into His arms with a sigh of relief. But, I blink and reality sinks in. Although I run to Him, it is only when it is beneficial or convenient for me. I have placed my heart in two worlds. There is a world filled with His mercy and endless love, but I also live in a world where I engage in endless gossip and doubt-filled remarks. I can honestly say, I have not been "living love." In fact, I have been living under the impression that He loves me only when I desire it and I should portray His love only when the situation calls for it. But in reality, He loves me always and I should do the same, both through my actions and the words I speak.

Because He constantly loves me, no matter the circumstances, I will "Live Loved." I will walk upon the path, which God has laid before me with confidence and determination to radiate His love. I will remind myself daily that He loves me everyday, every hour, and every second; so I should do the same.

I know it is difficult. I still struggle to feel loved and share love each and everyday, but I am learning. I am learning and realizing that He stands with arms wide open, ready to engulf us in a warm embrace.

So, wake-up and smile because His love never fails. But, also remember to go out and "Live Loved."