Live Loved

Live Loved

Sometimes we forget that we are FOREVER loved.

I know I am loved, but sometimes I forget to "Live Loved."

I am a daughter of the King, I am his most prized possession, and I am constantly loved. But, that doesn't mean I always remember. I find myself, more often lately, forgetting that I am loved and wanted.

He calls me towards His loving embrace, I run into His arms with a sigh of relief. But, I blink and reality sinks in. Although I run to Him, it is only when it is beneficial or convenient for me. I have placed my heart in two worlds. There is a world filled with His mercy and endless love, but I also live in a world where I engage in endless gossip and doubt-filled remarks. I can honestly say, I have not been "living love." In fact, I have been living under the impression that He loves me only when I desire it and I should portray His love only when the situation calls for it. But in reality, He loves me always and I should do the same, both through my actions and the words I speak.

Because He constantly loves me, no matter the circumstances, I will "Live Loved." I will walk upon the path, which God has laid before me with confidence and determination to radiate His love. I will remind myself daily that He loves me everyday, every hour, and every second; so I should do the same.

I know it is difficult. I still struggle to feel loved and share love each and everyday, but I am learning. I am learning and realizing that He stands with arms wide open, ready to engulf us in a warm embrace.

So, wake-up and smile because His love never fails. But, also remember to go out and "Live Loved."

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Leading By Christ's Example

What should leadership look like? It should look like Jesus.


I have been so blessed to serve as President of my sorority for the past year. However, I often think hard about how I am leading and what people think of my leadership. I sometimes wonder if I'm doing it all correctly. Even when you don't think people notice something you are doing, THEY DO.

I think in the world we live in, we have many leaders. Some good ones and some not so great ones. I think where many leaders fall into the wrong is when they try to do it their way and only their way.

For me, I've come to the realization that leaders have the potential to lead greatly. However, it's where we get out inspiration and ideas from. If leaders get their motivation from fame, success, or money, they may find some of those things, but will never be fully satisfied with their leadership.

What's so wonderful about leadership is that we have the perfect example of how to lead. Jesus Christ. He was perfect and He is the example we need to follow, whether that's in leadership or just in general life. Over this past year, I have learned more and more about what leadership should look like when following Christ. It should look like Jesus.

I find this knowledge from not only friends and family, but from the Bible. Specifically, the New Testament. I think it has been so helpful to read how Jesus spoke, acted, and loved others. Even though He was this perfect person, He was still approachable and friendly with those around Him. People felt comfortable around Him. He encouraged those around Him and He loved everyone, greatly.

I think Satan loves to play with our minds. He wants us to doubt ourselves and turn away from Jesus. He wants to throw distractions in our face and turn our motivation to fame, money, success, etc. But it's so important to have your eyes fixed on Jesus. He is where we need to find our inspiration and motivation. He encourages us, loves us, cares for us, and much more. Even when it comes to us doubting ourselves or worrying about what is ahead of us, He has a plan. His plan is so much greater than our own, and He knows our future and our hearts even when we don't.

If you are in a leadership role or learning how to lead, I encourage you to look at Jesus' story. Look how He spoke, acted, and loved those around Him. I encourage you to lead by His example.

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