It's Time To Start Living Your Life Free Of Addiction

So, I was scrolling through my facebook page as I do often and I saw this picture that was talking about Demi Lovato and Mac Miller. It said " when Demi overdosed the internet was filled with hateful memes and ridicule. Then shortly after Mac Miller passed away from an overdose and there were so much compassion and love."

Which makes me wonder must someone die from their addiction in order to receive any kind of compassion and understanding?

If that is the case, this world is honestly so messed up! I don't think sitting here bashing Demi for her addiction is the way to go about it, yes I get it she overdosed and all that, but she is getting the help she needs now to overcome this awful disease.

It is very sad that Mac Miller didn't get the chance to get the help he needed and passed away, but I also don't think it's right that he is getting all this sympathy after he passed away and she gets bashed all over social's just not fair. Don't get me wrong, I loved Mac but it's not right the way people are handling this situation.

I personally think it can be looked at both ways a choice and a disease. I only say this because it is a choice to start taking that drug or whatever it may be. It is also a disease that is horrible to get caught up in, and it a very hard thing to overcome. I personally know people that have struggled from this awful disease! It's not a joke it is a horrible disease!

I have a different outlook on choice and addiction than other people. I personally think that they go hand in hand with each other, because it's a choice to start taking the drugs, which then you can potentially get addicted to. I understand that it can be easy to get addicted to the drug which then makes your body think it needs it to function.

I guess you can say my main point is, that if you don't try the drugs to begin with you won't end up with this awful disease that is killing more and more people each day. I also understand that people start taking these drugs for many different reasons, some of the reasons may be to "fit in" with their friends, or because they are just simply so stressed they don't know what else to turn to.

I think that if we can have less hate and more awareness of addiction it will benefit a lot more people because bashing people for doing drugs isn't going to get you anywhere other than them taking more.

We need to get more awareness out about the drug addiction, if you or someone you know is struggling from addiction, don't hesitate to get help or help the other person out! There are numbers you can call anonymously and get help, there are even local places you can go to and get help!

If we stop the arguing over if its a choice or a disease maybe people will want to start helping and then start living!

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