I've been finding it incredibly hard to get myself motivated for just about anything lately. To get out of bed, to get dressed, to write, and to do basically any small activity that requires a lot of effort.

And I'm not too sure why that is. Maybe it's because it's summer and that just brings out the more lazy side of me? Who knows.

However, I decided that enough was enough. And while I do this a lot, where I promise myself that this will be the last time that I shirk my responsibilities, I decided to get it down in writing.

It's so hard to get myself working towards something that I feel I have no interest in so I need to continue to push myself to see that everything I do in my life is for a purpose, whether I realize it or not.

Any simple act that I perform is for myself and for my future. I dread going to work some days because I sometimes just want days where I can lay in my room and vegetate, but I need to realize that my job is for me. I work because I need to.

If I continue to remind myself that the things that I do on an every day basis are for my own good, then I believe I will accomplish so much more.

I have lost a bit of ambition in the past few weeks and that upsets me, but I have decided to find inspiration in that fact to work harder toward achieving my goals.

I had so many plans for the summer that I have yet to complete due to excuses I made for myself. But that ends now.

This coming semester, I'm going to be going on the adventure of a lifetime, but before I can do that, I need to accomplish what I wanted to before I left.

Life is too short to just not do what you want. No more excuses no more "tomorrow" or "next time." With all the tragedies that have been occurring all around us, it's easy to see how easily a life can be taken from someone.

People who were lost in accidents, shootings, etc. never knew that what they were doing or saying would be their last. It's horrifying that lives are so precious but can be taken away without much effort.

Remember to do what you love and be with those that you love. Life is such a gift that we tend to take for granted a lot of the time.

Live for right now. Live for the future. Live for the present.

Live for you.