In this life, there are so many big things to enjoy. We will all get to enjoy getting married and having children and buying a house. We'll get to explore and get a job and buy our first car. We'll get to watch our children have children. We'll get to graduate high school and college and watch our siblings grow up. With so many big things that we look forwards to in our lives, sometimes we miss the little things. I don't know if this is a real statement, but a million little things mean more than one big thing happening. I thought that I would come up with a list of little things we should be grateful for.

1. The light shining through the trees

2. A warm blanket on a warm day that just makes you feel extra cosy

3. A child jumping in a puddle while it's raining

4. A dog that passes by you and lets you pet it for a while ( this is the best especially if the dog has been in the sun)

5. Reading a quote that sends shivers through your body because it explains what's going on in your life

6. When you get in the car and your seat isn't too hot even though it's been in the sun

7. When you turn on the radio and your favorite song is playing and you haven't missed your favorite part

8. When you see a child and its parents and they're all matching and holding hands

9. Hearing a baby laugh. It doesn't matter about what, it's just the greatest sound ever!

10. When you drive past someone's house whose doing laundry and you get to smell their laundry

11. When you hold the door for someone and they say thank you

12. When someone notices something you did without being asked to

13. When someone sends you a letter just to say hello

14. When you get to refill the soap dispenser and watch the soap flow into the container

15. When someone notices that you need a smile and just smiles because they can

16. When someone does something out of the kindness of their heart

17. The smell of the street after it rains, when it's just a little bit humid

18. When you say something or do something that makes someone's entire week

19. Laying on your driveway on a sunny day and feeling the warmth of the ground and the sun at the same time

29. Having the cute boy talk back to you

21. When a song comes on and it suddenly makes everything make sense

22. Putting on a fresh pair of socks and having your feet so soft.

23. When you wake up in the morning and are still alive and the sun's still shining

24. Knowing exactly who you are and loving it

25. Loving yourself and your friends for who they are. You should always remind them how lucky you are to have them in your life.