Over Memorial Day weekend, my cousin went to New Orleans so she had asked my parents and I to watch her dog Lucky for the weekend. Of course, I was instantly over the moon. Who wouldn't be? I love dogs and this would be like having my own for an entire weekend. This senior lady quickly became the center of our weekend.

My mom and I were worried how Lucky would adjust to our house since she's an older dog and used to her routine. However, my cousin ensured us that since Lucky is older, she'll just lay around and cuddle with you all day. Which sounded great because I also enjoy laying around and cuddling. But boy was she wrong. This dog was a firecracker of energy. The way she would run around our house you'd think she was a puppy. She always wanted to go on long walks to pee seven thousand times and had a serious Napoleon complex around larger dogs.

Since she's an older dog, she's missing a lot of her teeth so her tongue just flops out of her mouth. My dad started the joke that we should call her Licky instead of Lucky because she's always "licking her chops" as my dad would say. It was cute the first day but man did the sound of her trying to put her tongue back in her mouth drive us insane. She sounded like a person who couldn't keep their mouth closed when they chewed. I felt so bad for her. Imagine how frustrating it'd be to never fit your tongue in your mouth. What started as a joke, calling her Licky kind of stuck with us and we'd mix up Licky and Lucky without even noticing it.

I've always loved dogs more than anything in the enitre world and I've been begging my parents for years to adopt a dog of their own. We had a lot of laughs that weekend because of the dog and all of us were actually really sad to give Lucky back to my cousin. I'm still not really sure if having Lucky at our house for the weekend helped or hurt my chances of my parents adopting their own dog, but regardless it was really fun.

So if your ever going out of town for the weekend without your dog call me up.