"Summer loving had me a blast."

Just last year I was seeing this guy Keith. We met at the AAA when I was getting my oil change. He was a technician there and for once I wasn't told "Ma'am, you have this wrong, and this wrong." I was happy.

He was handsome and made me laugh when he stuttered through asking me out for a drink sometime. We spent a cool summer night out on the patio drinking beers, telling each other what we'd think the other would wanna hear, all while still managing to get our fingers as close to each other as possible without actually holding hands.

After work drinks became the normal routine, we even doubled date with my friend Julie. She loved him. Keith made me mixtapes of my favorite artists. It was so lame and old school, but I loved them. Every day I was working he would come see me and say hi.

Keith's abundance of attention and affection was extraordinary, which is probably why I was so terribly confused when in the middle of my lunch shift at the bar I got a glass of water throw in my face by a very angry middle-aged woman.

Keith's wife, Tara, had tired eyes, and long brown fizzy hair. Tara was extremely upset with me, and I didn't even blame her. I was upset with me too. I swore to her, I had no idea Keith was married. He never wore a ring and he was always out or working, I never imagined Keith had a wife waiting up for him at night.

"I know you had sex with him. He told me." Tara exclaimed.

"We hadn't got that far..." I said hoping she would stop yelling. "Can we talk later? I am sorry, I know that doesn't change anything."

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have come to your work. Please just leave my family alone." Tara said while wiping her tears, putting on sunglasses and a brave face she left. I never saw her or Keith again.

He had me living in this bubble running in circles completely unaware of the truth. I pray for their marriage and I hope that I wasn't part of the demise. I wish there was something I could have done, but I guess if it wasn't me, it would have just been some other girl. Another one left me lonely, gave me even more trust issues, and in search of a new place to get my oil changed. (Like hell, I was gonna go back there and see him again.)