College. The time when we are released and given freedom while we are expected to grow up and become mature at the same time. The college experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

We all get four years. Four. Short. Years.

To live it up, to grow up, and to find ourselves. There are so many options and opportunities that come along with these four years. Several should be taken advantage of and never forgotten because sadly we will never be this young again. Our college experience is strengthened and bettered because of these few things. It's all a part of the journey, y'all.

Live it up while you can because before you know it, we are all getting thrown into the real world without that student discount and acceptance of mistakes…

1. Online classes

Because who the hell wants to wake up to actually walk to class?! That's enough work in itself...

2. Snow days

We all think these are such a brilliant idea when one snowflake appears… Just think, when that happens and we have a real job, we will still be expected to show up to work.

3. Free gym access

No need to pay for a gym membership out of your own pocket. Your school's got your back. Take advantage of this because the alcohol and fast food weight will catch up to you.

4. Networking

You go into college with a blank canvas. It's a whole new realm of people that you have the opportunity to meet. Create study groups in your classes to get to know your classmates. Go to that activity that you wouldn't imagine you'd ever go to. Everyone you meet has a purpose. It is important to be nice to any and everyone because you never know who or where you'll be working for in the future.

5. Student discounts

Bring your student ID with you everywhere. It is the golden ticket to having more money in your pocket.

6. Amazon Prime

Free two-day shipping?? Free for 6 months and then half off??? Because I'm a student??? HECK TO THE YEAH!!!

7. Mid day parties

...Or “darties" as we all like to refer to them as. Not only should you be taking advantage of the beautiful weather outside, but adding in the party is definitely something that only happens in college. It's Tuesday afternoon. It's autumn and beautiful outside. What do you do? Yep, you grab a cold one and blare some music and darty. ...Not something that happens when you have to adult.

8. Breaks

Let's be real, we get a lot more days off than we give our colleges credit for. Not only do we get various national holidays off, but we also get a Fall Break, a Winter Break (which lasts at least a month might I add), a Spring Break, and a Summer Break. Call me crazy, but these breaks are not something we will get back.

9. Living in the same place as all your friends

When would we ever get this dream to become reality again? We won't. Come graduation, all your friends will be finding jobs in new locations, some across the country and some even across the globe. Take advantage of all of you being located in the same spot for these four years.

10. Free tickets to sporting events

As a student at your college, you have the ability to receive free tickets to all or at least a select amount of your university sponsored sporting events.

11. Making our own schedule

We get to make our class schedule around our sleep and meal times. Don't want to wake up early for class? You don't have to! Want to schedule all your classes with your friends? Go right ahead!

12. Free time

I'm not saying there will be tons, but there will definitely be more than post graduation. Take advantage of that. Once you're in the real world, free time will become a thing of the past.

13. ...Just the word free in general

If I hear the word free, I'm there… Especially if it's food. People know how to draw college students in with two words. FREE. FOOD.

14. Making mistakes

Slept through your class this morning? Had a rough night out last night? College is very accepting of those mistakes, but don't get too used to it. Soon enough, you have to own up to your mistakes in your career, and there will be less leniency for some “whoopsies."

15. Sleeping in

Honestly, this is why God gave us weekends and sometimes a free week day. Adulting does not account for sleep. Be thankful you got to stay in bed all day today.

16. Late Night Taco Bell

With time, our metabolism will slow down. And I mean waaay down. During your four years, this may be a drunken habit, but it will have to come to an end at some point.

17. Live abroad without making your bank account cry

We are talking about the opportunity to live abroad for a few months with it being the same price as our tuition or a little over. How in the WORLD (haha, no pun intended) would we ever have this opportunity again and it not interfere with anything else we have going on?!

18. Naps

College is so accepting of sleep. Have a break between classes? Why would you do homework? A nap is always the answer.

19. Living the “I just rolled out of bed" lifestyle

No need to dress up for class… Everyone wakes up 10 minutes before they have to leave. No shame.