6 Ways You Know You Are Obsessed With 'Pretty Little Liars'

6 Ways You Know You Are Obsessed With 'Pretty Little Liars'

I like watching PLL's on Tuesday nights.

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I have been following pretty little lairs since the first season and here at the six way people can be obsessed.

1. Watching every Tuesday.

Every Tuesday night I make sure that I'm watching it and if I know I'm going to miss an episode I will make sure that I will DVR it so I can watch it the next day.

2. All ready talking about next week's episode.

You know the minute that this week episode is over and you are already talking about it and looking on twitter, Facebook or even snap chat to see if they are going to if they are going to leak a sneak peak of next week episode.

3. Getting excited during, the day before or even for next week's episode.

When you are watching PLL you just let all of your excitement out during the scene. When a good part of the show is on you are almost screaming at the TV or jumping up and down and you just have a excited about the scene.

4. The feeling about the show ending for good.

The feeling that people are feeling about PLL ending is sad and depressing because a lot of people have been following the show since season one and the first season started in June 8,2010 and season seven started in June 21,2016, so the show has been going on for 6 year now.

5. They should end the show with a movie.

My feeling is that they show end the show with a movie and not ending at season 7. The film should be about how the show first started and how the all of the season and episode were made and how they came up with the name pretty little lairs.

6. Social media.

Even social media has a PLL account that you can follow like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat. The thing I like about seeing them in social media is that I can see sneak peak, video from the episode that night and even trailer for the next week episode and you even get update on the episode even if you can't watch it that night.

With me being this obsessed about Pretty Little Liars makes me feel everyone does these six things. Be sure to keep watching on Tuesdays on Freeform!

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