Lght sleepers. You either know one, or you are one. And if you are one, you're not alone. You form a community of people who have undoubtedly faced these 21 problems.

1. There's a specific way your pillows have to be for you to sleep well.

2. It's almost impossible to fall asleep with the light on.

3. Even a slight difference in the lighting level you're used to throws you off.

4. You've pretended to still be asleep when your roommate wakes you up.

5. You don't understand how your roommate doesn't wake up while you're getting ready, because you always do.

6. Melatonin is what puts you to sleep from time to time.

7. You've awkwardly asked your neighbor to be quieter so you can sleep.

8. And then you've called the RA on Duty because they didn't get any quieter.

9. White noise is your best friend.

10. Snorers are NOT your friends.

11. Neither are sneezers.

12. Or people with the sniffles.

13. You can never fully fall asleep with music playing.

14. Or with the TV on.

15. You might as well give up all hope of sleeping if people are talking in the room with you.

16. You wake up to the sound of sirens...

17. And drunk frat guys outside your window.

18. And you definitely don't sleep through alarms of any kind.

19. Sometimes even if it's the alarm of the building next to you.

20. You know you'll never get killed in your sleep because you'll wake up as soon as someone turns the doorknob.

21. When the sleeping conditions are right, it is the greatest feeling ever, because boy, do you enjoy your sleep.

So here's to all you light sleepers out there. Remember you're never alone, and sleep is always just a melatonin pill away.