To the people that can successfully go on a diet, stick to it, and leave it on the table, I. Envy. You. Just thinking about dieting, counting calories, and planning meals make me want to nap (or stress eat a burger.)

Unfortunately, I've never had a good experience with dieting or weight loss programs because I like to focus on one thing at a time and take on the full challenge yet. When my single-minded personality goes on a diet, that's all I want to think about. "Green stuff speeds up my metabolism so I can have another smoothie now, right?" (Thirty minutes after breakfast.)

When I'm focused on my diet or losing weight, I get excited on days that I didn't have a lot to eat because my Fitbit says I still have 1,000 calories to go for the day. Normally I would go home and eat a regular dinner, but since I'm focused on getting all of my calories in, I would max out my plate.

Truth is, your health comes down to your lifestyle. Most generally, your body reflects your daily routine. Some people DO have a faster metabolism, so don't think that your size two friend runs marathons every day just because they're skinny.

Generally, if you're relying on fast food as your main meal source, you don't have to make a dramatic lifestyle change, like the Keto diet, to lose the little bit that you want. The overall point goal for weight loss is to burn more calories than you intake in a day. By switching out your burger for a salad OR side of fries for an apple at lunch, you can save around five hundred calories!

Dieting is frustrating, especially when you're treating it as a short-term fix. After you've dropped the weight, you still might find yourself obsessed with food or your body image. You don't want to see that weight come back anytime soon so when does your 'diet' really end?

This is why you shouldn't focus on food as you fix. There's no doubt that making drastic changes will get you faster results, but changing a few things about your lifestyle, like one meal (or snack) a day or going for a run in the morning is much easier to incorporate in your life as a permanent change.