What's A Life Without Smartphones?

Around this time last year, I conducted a research paper discussing the topic of social media and how it impacts people's self-esteem, and I was truly fascinated by the information I found. So, naturally, I began thinking about what life would be like for all of us if smartphones didn't exist and maybe we weren't always connected to the outside world. Would it be any different?

I know I am probably being a hypocrite for even talking about this because I have my iPhone on me all the time, but I do my very best and keep it on silent so I am not tempted to check it constantly throughout the day. We all have become so reliant on our devices that it is affecting our lives in a negative way sometimes, at least that's my opinion.

It may just be the younger generation, but the "fear of missing out" or FOMO is real for some people and I know for a fact it has an effect on our mental wellbeing. And let me just say, it is not a positive influence and it is only starting to hurt kids even younger nowadays.

I will see kids who are probably 8-years-old and have some sort of smartphone and it makes me cringe because they should be outside having fun and riding bikes, not obsessing over what filter to use on a picture to post on Instagram. It breaks my heart, but I know I am a part of the problem, too. We all are to some extent.

There are some days where I purposely will just sign out of all my social media accounts so I am not even tempted to look at them, and let me just say that those are some of the best days that I have. I am more productive and focused on what I am doing throughout the day instead of worrying about who is posting on my Facebook wall.

Then I have those days where I just want to delete all my social media even for a week just to see what impacts that could have on my daily life. Of course, smartphones and technology do have benefits for people, especially for keeping in contact with friends and loved ones who live far away. They definitely do come in handy sometimes, but are we always using them purposefully? Absolutely not.

So, I challenge you to see how long you can go without using your device and take note of how much better your mood actually is. You never know, your whole perspective may even change on the idea of living life without a smartphone.

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