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It's been a hot minute, friends. We're back to our hopefully regular scheduled programming because I get random questions about these posts, and I'm surprised people care so much. Being in a full-time job, this writing gig is often pushed to the side. However, I'm here now, and let's get this life update over with, shall we?

So yeah, professional golf. Did I finally turn pro yet? Nope. And the reason is quite obvious. Playing three days a week does not guarantee you success in the pro tours, even on the mini-tours. Professional golf has gotten harder, and although I have gotten better, I am still probably years away from being able to compete at the highest level. However, it doesn't mean I am not trying.

I got myself back into the minor leagues at the start of November. My first start ended up being a T-25 finish, and considering I haven't played a tournament since my win in August, it's not a bad start to the new season. I am fairly confident this season will be better than last, but I just gotta play more and being in a full-time job, that's pretty difficult, but I'll figure it out.

Career options are always abundant. Yes, I still like my job traveling around and hosting tournaments for the juniors, but the after effects of my career choice make this job difficult. I am always shopping around looking for the next best thing, however, the thing is it's hard to find the next best thing because I have no idea what I am looking for. At almost 23 years old, trying to constantly improve career and life wise with absolutely no direction at all, it's difficult to figure it out, but eventually, it usually works itself out. Do I hate my life right now? Definitely not. But I definitely want to improve on the situation that is given to me.

Remember the after-effects of the job? Yeah, loneliness is still on the top of that list. I have never felt so alone in my life. Yes, I have friends and family on call whenever I want, but it doesn't beat spending quality time with them. The travel is great; I always love seeing new sights, but it would be nice if I had someone to come with me. Yeah, the post-grad loneliness is killing me. I don't even blame the situation I'm in, I actually blame myself. The cheesy "love yourself before anyone else" thing is real, I honestly wouldn't date myself. I am trying to figure out how to be better as a person and change my ways so I can see myself more appealing, whether it be physically or mentally, but that's also a work in progress.

I feel like my life is under construction and I am caught in the work zone traffic trying to find my way out. I really hope it isn't like this forever because honestly, I have no idea how much longer I can keep this up.

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