Can We Stop Rushing Life?

Stop Asking Me What I'm Doing After I Graduate College, I Just Want To Live In The Moment

I can't help but wish everything would just slow down.

The holidays are in full swing.

Christmas trees have been on sale since the beginning of November. 106.7 has had Mariah Carey's Christmas album on replay for weeks. Yet Thanksgiving was just last week.

I can't help but wish everything would just slow down.

The days, the holidays, the semesters, the work days, the seasons. Like did we even get fall this year, or skip straight to winter? 'Cause Philly was 80 degrees one day and 46 the next.

It really is true what they say. We spend our lives looking forward to things, and not really living in the moment. But I have made a conscious choice to begin spending more time enjoying the little things.

Soaking up the sunrays of the last beach trip of the summer before a brisk fall awaits. Actually paying attention in my classes. Spending less time worrying and more time enjoying.

This is what we need to do.

As a society, we let life get in the way too much.

So focused on how to get the best Black Friday outcome, stores actually open on Thanksgiving Day. This takes employees away from their families, and distracts shoppers from quality time, too.

Call me old-fashioned, but I miss the old days.

The days where people would much rather spend hours at the dinner table on Thanksgiving than hours in line at Victoria's Secret.

The days when Costco put their Christmas decorations out after Halloween. As they should've been in the first place.

It almost makes me wonder, what exactly will satisfy people these days? Do they even enjoy anything, or are they more worried about what comes next?

I can definitely say I have fallen victim to this captivity. But I have also made a choice, and that choice was to be released from that captivity.

I think we should all try this; it makes life, and the holidays, more enjoyable.

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