Full Life Is Measured In Love, Not Defined By Numbers

We live in a word in which everything is defined by numbers.

The number of likes we get on social media, number of friends we have, grade point averages, salaries, weight, calories, mile time, age, days until, days since, etc. We live a quantitative life.

Numbers have so much to offer the world, but they should not be used to measure my worth.

I am not defined by my follower count on Instagram, the number of likes I received on my last post, the number of relationships I’ve had, my weight, or the amount of money I’ll make in my future career.

While these things all seem like good, harmless goals to “reach our best selves,” that is not always the case.

I want my life to be measured by happiness.

As the saying goes, “quality over quantity,” I find value in the strength of my relationships, not the number of them.

To be measured in laughter, love, spontaneity, and experiences.

To me, it matters more to have memories and adventure under my belt than to be able to list the number of countries I’ve visited. I'd rather be able to say that I am healthy and having fun doing the things I love than to find meaning in my eight or how fast or long I can run.

Happiness is a choice, not a value. There is no “magic number” for anything that we believe is important that equals happiness.

Happiness is all about perspective. We think that happiness means perfection, but happiness does not mean everything is perfect because nothing is ever perfect. There is always something to be upset about, that’s just the world we live in.

But when we choose not to dwell on small problems and to appreciate the people and opportunities that surround us, that’s where we find happiness.

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