What's been buzzing around the media lately is about an innocent man in Texas named Rodney Reed, who is set to die by lethal injection on November 20th. Rodney Reed has been in prison since 1998 for the murder of Stacey Stites in 1996. Even though there was DNA evidence from Reed on Stacey's body, there is also evidence of his innocence. The #FreeRodneyReed movement created a spark on social media and shined a big light on the situation in Texas. Now, it's up to the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbot, to overturn his conviction.

America, as a country, has a history of sentencing black men to death, despite their innocence. For example, a young teen, George Stinney Jr., was convicted of murder in March of 1944 (it only took 10 minutes to convict Stinney). On June 16th, 1944, he was executed at the age of 14. With that tragic history, he became the youngest person to be ever executed (and still is). On December 17th, 2014, 70 years after the electrocution, his case was overturned with new evidence claiming he was innocent. It's crazy how history repeats itself.

The case of Rodney Reed and George Stinney can be similar (minus their age), if Rodney's case doesn't get overturned. America cannot let history repeat itself, especially in this century and generation. Rodney's life is depending on us to get the people in the government office to let him go. That's why it is important to spread awareness about what's going on and get everybody on board to change his life for good. We can't let injustice win.

So please, sign the petition,Free Rodney Reed; and let your voice be heard!