Nature by itself holds an unfathomable aura of peace. Sadly, in our lives, nature metamorphosizes into our peripheral vision. We fixate our eyes elsewhere, leaving behind the wisdom and truth it offers. To appreciate the immensity of Nature's insight, all we have to do is take it out of our peripheral and devote gratitude towards it. The moment that we begin to dispense our attention into the very matter we came from, a new world of life lessons opens us to us.

Teaching from the beginning of time, nature should be considered the ultimate scholar. Although ever-changing, elements of nature teach us the most simple yet fundamentally important lessons. Included in its array of messages we find contentment, patience, growth, unity, simplicity, and truth.

Most individuals will admit their uncertainty of happiness. Nature never ceases to find its best. Its surrealism alone displays complete tranquility. Even during cataclysmic storms, only the utmost peace can be found. The peace flows wherever particles of matter exist. This, in turn, uncovers patience. Never in a hurry to achieve anything, Nature accomplishes everything. As it moves through the most intense storms and seasons, Nature rebuilds and come out robust. Infinitely healing and growing, tongues of life form, sprouting unity across eternity. Stretching from the deepest existence to most tangible forms, Nature yields beauty in simplicity. It is in this which the smallest of matters displays vast abstractness and a wealth of color, showing us a utopia unlike any other region to exist. This is where we find the ultimate truth, truth which helps explain the nature of being.

While this poetic formulation of Nature's offerings may seem completely parallel to theoretical bullshit, the lessons are rich in knowledge. Converging lessons from all reaches and corners of Nature, we can recognize a template for balance. Our job is to take this template and implement it for our individual being. Nature needs to be praised as our sole teacher for this reason because it provides us with lessons vital to us. Lessons that develop who we are. But, if there is one thing that I have learned about Nature, it is that it creates moments unfathomable and never like any other. These are moments of euphoria that cannot be recreated. Just think of the scenes in movies in which you wished you lived, those fairytale stories. This is what Nature offers: fairytale moments that yield insight into who we are.