Life lessons your cat teaches you

Even If You're A Dog Person, You Cannot Deny That Cats Do These 5 Things Better

Just hear me out on this one.


Growing up and into my early adulthood, I've always had dogs. So, its pretty obvious to say I am 100% a dog person and to this day will always prefer my fluffy, wet nose, tail wagging best friend to any other creature. So, believe me never in a million years did I ever think that I would own a cat, until one day my fiancé rescued a little black cat named Felix. Now here we are, three years later and I have to say, not only has having a cat actually made me love them (maybe even more than dogs) but, he's also taught me a couple of valuable life lessons.

1. Persistence is key.


You'll never get anything done unless you are constantly working for it. Keep working, don't stop fighting for what you want to get in life. For a person that may be graduating with a 4.0 GPA or keeping on track with your fitness goals. (Or If you're a cat, nagging your owner for an extra scoop of kibble). If you do it every day and never give up, your hard work will eventually pay off.

2.Live in the moment. 


Everyone today is always so distracted by what is going on either online or who is doing whatever someplace else. Cats, are just chill with what's going on at that given moment. If anything, I'd take this lesson of being in the moment to heart. Put your phone down, enjoy the company of those who are around you and bask in the here and now.

3.Cat nap.

Unlike a dog, who is constantly looking for action, cats are more docile. Though I don't recommend taking 14-hour naps during the day, I think remembering to rest your mind and body each day, even if it's just for 15 minutes, is rejuvenating for the soul.

4.Be curious of new people, not trusting.

Scared Cat GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY Giphy

We as humans live in a world where people are always looking for a connection. We are seemingly all too trusting of those new around us, and unfortunately, more often than not we are left disappointed. Most cats represent the extroverted introvert, they go through life curious to make connections with people ( or other cats) but the key to their success is going in with caution. Only once you've really gotten to know and bonded the new people in your life are, should you be willing to fully trust them with anything of importance to you.

5."You time" is important.


Probably the most important lesson my cat has taught me is having time for myself. Sometimes, in this chaotic life, we often forget that just being alone for a few moments can actually be a good thing. Take five minutes to be in your own little corner or even take an entire weekend to pamper yourself. Make time to just be alone with your thoughts, it's an important way for you to learn more about who you are as a human being.

Hopefully, these couple of lessons make things a bit easier for you as you trudge along. Hell, maybe this has even made you consider adopting a cat. I mean, you never know what else you might learn. If not, for everything else life has to teach us, I think that's for us to learn on our own.

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Top 10 Cutest Cat Breeds

These cat breeds are super cute and underrated.

It seems that the only breeds anyone can actually recognize are those of dogs, cats really don't get enough recognition. There is just as much of a variety of cat breeds as there are of dog breeds, almost anyway, and they deserve love and recognition as well. So, here are the top 10 cat breeds I've deemed as the absolute cutest!

1. Exotic Persian

Exotic Persian cats are one of the cutest breeds in my opinion. Theses are the squished faced cats. The cats that perpetually look grumpy and disappointed. They're also super high-maintenance and believe you're supposed to cater to their every whim. Which, to be fair, you are.

2. Scottish Fold

Scootish Folds are super adorable because they're very unique. They're ears fold over, making them always appear to be begging you for something. They also always look a little bit sad, which, of course, only makes you love them more.

3. Himalayan

Himalayan cats are just magnificent and so prestigious. These cats are fluffy, deserve the best, and expect nothing but the best.

4. British Shorthair

I'm not sure what it is about these cats that makes them so adorable, but my roommate has tried to describe them as "fat and sassy." - Delaney Pulice. She's not wrong. They're pretty chubby and look like they're just a little bit too good for you. In all honesty, what cat isn't too good for us?

5. Maine Coon

These cats are particularly wonderful because they can be giant. I mean, giant. These cats can grown into the sizes of large dogs, which, of course, if everything we could all ever ask for in a cat. Who wouldn't want a giant cat that could probably double as a pillow?

6. Persian

These cats are only a little bit different from Exotic Persians, but there's a difference. Persians tend to have less squished face than Exotics, but every cat is different. The one above is a Silver Persian. He had to eat his food off of a plate because his flat face couldn't fit in a cat food bowl.

7. Munchkin

These tiny little guys never really grow much. Their legs are perpetually short and stubby, making them the ideal cats, because, if you had a choice, wouldn't you want your cat to be either giant like a Maine Coon or tiny like a Munchkin cat? Of course you would.

8. Siberian

These cats are just generally beautiful. They have long, shiny, fluffy coats and are just pretty cats. Plus, they look super cuddly, like they might purr for hours if you brushed them.

9. British Longhair

Another just simply beautiful cat. When you see those posts online that say "This cat is prettier than I am," yeah, that's these cats. They have long, soft coats as well that they like to keep clean. And as all cats do, they look like they're just a little bit above us and we have to cater to them.

10. Ragdoll

Finally, we have Ragdoll cats. These cats look a bit like fluffier Siamese cats. Which, let's face it, Siamese cats aren't necessarily the cutest. However, if you just add a lot of fluff, because the fluffier the better, they become much cuter.

Cover Image Credit: Megan Branch

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To My First Puppy, I Miss You

I miss you every day.


Just less than a week ago, I got the horrible news that my sweet boy, my first puppy ever, passed away. I was, and still am, completely heartbroken. It came completely out of nowhere and not even the vet really knows what happens. One second I'm celebrating taking my last final and finishing my freshman year of college, and the next I'm sobbing after hearing the news that my dog passed away.

We got my puppy, Steele, a little over two years ago, and I've never been more excited. I've always wanted a dog, but it just never seemed to happen. When my dad first told me and my sister we were getting a dog, more specifically a husky, we were beyond excited. We counted down the days until we could have him and I went to the airport to get him myself. He was so small, literally shaking in my arms after the plane ride. He was my puppy and I was so happy.

He seriously had such a personality, so goofy and silly. He wanted to be friends with my cat so badly, but she was not interested in the slightest. He was so friendly and always happy to see me. One of my favorite parts of visiting home from college was knowing I would be able to see him and he would be excited to see me.

In just the two short years that I knew Steele, he became part of our family. He literally became, as my dad says, our brother. I can't even fathom the thought that I'm actually never going to see him again. I'll never be able to hug his fluffy body or attempt to hold his "hand", which he absolutely hated.

It hasn't really hit me yet that he's gone. I haven't been able to build up the courage to even go to my dad's house yet because I know he won't be there and I'm not sure if I can handle that.

He wasn't even three years old, but I hope we were able to make him happy in the two and a half short years we had him.

I love you, Steele.

Ally O'Rourke

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