Creed and Creed II are two fantastic movies! Both of them are based off the Rocky movies. It is a fighting movie, but each Creed movie is full of empowering messages and, without a doubt, after each movie you are extremely pumped up. Each movie makes you feel like you're right there within the movie, and feel everything for everyone. Of course, not to mention, you get to stare at Michael B. Jordan and who wouldn't want to do that?

​​1. One step at a time, one punch at a time, one round at time

Life is not easy. You win some, you lose some. With that being said, you have to take one thing at a time, one failure at a time, and one moment at a time. Do not try to handle everything all at once, take it easy. Once you finish the one thing, you'll get to the next and repeat. Just like school, take one class at time, take one failure at a time, take one semester at a time.

2. Build your own legacy, your own name

You have your family's last name (or someone's last name) but you're your own person. Live in your own shoes, make yourself different from the rest create your own success it doesn't matter your LAST name, make your FIRST name and last name it's own. You got this.

3. The biggest opponent in life, is yourself

In your life you'll have people who will challenge you, test you, and be your enemy but the biggest one that you'll ever face is yourself. Push through it. Beat yourself before you defeat yourself.

4. Believe in yourself

You must believe in yourself first before anyone else can ever believe in you.

5. Your teacher will show up when you are ready

When you are ready and fully equipped to listen to a teacher, they will show. They will not show when you want them to but rather when you need them. Some things just cannot be taught by someone else first, you must figure some things out by yourself first.

6. If you want the results no one else is getting, then you have to do things no one else is doing

You must be willing to do more than the next and past person. If you want to be better, you must do more and do different things to achieve or the results will be the same.

7. Do NOT let anyone tell you that you can't

Ever have anyone tell you that you CAN'T do something? Well turn around and let them know you'll do what they said you can't plus more. Use someone's doubt in you to help you instead of hurt you.

8. Family takes priority over career

No matter what, family is always first, family is forever. No job, no girlfriend, no person will stay around as long as family.

9. Get comfortable with getting uncomfortable

If you are getting comfortable where you are, do something to make it uncomfortable. Getting comfortable isn't good, and you must do what makes you uncomfortable to get better. So start getting comfortable to the idea you'll be uncomfortable when you're succeeding.

10. It is not about how hard you hit, it's how much you can get hit and keep moving forward

Life is going to throw punches at you left and right, BUT it is not about how hard you hit, back rather it is about how much you can be punched and keep going forward. That is true strength. You can get hit, and hit back, but stay right where you are in life but when you get hit, hit back and continue is how you're supposed to live. You will fail, you will not succeed at times, but once you realize that and take those failures with you and keep going is what life is all about.

Listen: in life, you will fail, you will cry, you will question a lot of things and want to just give up but you can't. Trust me. I promise it will pay off in the end, and the biggest life lessons I have ever learned from this movie and seen in my life is being able to take someone else's doubt in you and turn it into motivation. Also, you must continue on with life no matter what gets thrown at you. One of the most important lessons is that family is truly forever, no matter what. Family will fight, family will be mad at each other but, at the end of the day, you're family. Although, the Creed series are fighting movies, there are really big lessons in them and I truly encourage if you have not seen them to go see it again. Keep these lessons in mind, you'll get through it, you'll succeed. Just keep your priorities straight.