I was fortunate to attend Jordan lee Dooley book signing this past week and I was able to learn some things about myself and my journey as I was listening to Jordan talk. Something that she said in her talk was about seasons. In seasons of life, we have to show up to go up, meaning that we have to wake up and go live our lives. Even if that means going to work or school, it needs to happen one way or another.

There was also something that I learned from her as well. Through these seasons, I may not be happy in all moments that I come across. But that doesn't mean there aren't going to be moments where I can't learn and grow from. Yes, it may be hard at times to do my work and classes, but I get it done to the best of my ability. I am lucky to have the support that I have though with my family and friends in person and through the phone when happy and sad moments occur. Without their support, it would be an even messier life that I have now (and that is saying a heck of a lot lol).

And that's what matters the most, that it gets done even if thorough out the "season" that it is messy. Life can be messy, but it's our life. We can decide what we do and how we react to what happens to us despite us not being able to control what happens to us. It is in God's plan as to what happens to us before it happens, so we sometimes have to roll with the freaking punches when obstacles come our way, big or small in size.

Obstacles can be like a grade you receive in class or something happening in your family that you can't control. But sometimes within the obstacles, you have to laugh at the moment even if it's at yourself. Laughter is the best kind of medicine anyways, it helps and comes into play when your life is messier than its usual self when you are trying to climb the ladder to success which is not related to bop to the top from high school musical (I promise it's not, I truly just like the saying and what is stands for in life).