This thing called life is sure not a piece of cake nor is it a cakewalk, but maybe just maybe it's a beautiful but messy chocolate brownie mug cake. Not everything is going to be perfect don't get me wrong of course. But, it's how you handle the mug cake that makes you stronger and wiser.

I tend to overthink and overanalyze everything. I also tend to apologize for everything under the sun as well. I think I just get in the habit of doing it that it becomes second nature. So I think that's where the mess comes in because I get inside my head WAY too much these days. I think getting out of my head will help avoid some of these things.

I have also learned that it's ok to take some time for myself, not necessarily treating myself but just time to reflect on what I have learned during the week. Music helps reel me back in sometimes and also helps me reflect on what it is that I'm struggling or need help with at the moment. My go to music recently has been Ashley Tisdale's new music.

I usually have a checklist a mile long each week of what I have to complete whether it's a school-related thing or organization related thing. So when my checklist is fully checked off, I do like to take some me time and definitely get somewhat out of this crazy head of mine. I do think that I rely heavily on social media and I do check it more than I should, kind of comparing my life to others and their relationships/friendships. I shouldn't compare my life to theirs at all, my life is unique to me, whether it's majorly messy some days or not, it's my own.

My message to you all is to just embrace your mess but definitely take time for yourself in the process. Find what you enjoy doing and fill your circle with who is going to support you and your dreams. Life is all about making it rock (Yes, Hannah Montana truly does inspire me lol). I can't wait to see where all of our futures go!