A Beginner's Guide To Life In Utah

A lot has changed in a relatively short time for the Beehive State. There are plenty of reasons someone might find themselves migrating to Utah, and it's on your radar, you may end up never wanting to leave. Maybe a change of pace or scenery is needed, or maybe you're one of many who are motivated by a new career opportunity. Whatever the reason, you're definitely not alone. In fact, the Census Bureau reported Utah to be the nation's fastest-growing state in 2016.

Utah's Natural Beauty

What really makes Utah a special place is its beauty. Utah is known around the world for its amazing geology, which exposes millions of years of earth's natural history in its beautiful red rock formations, high reaching buttes, and snow-capped mountains. If you're a fan of hiking, then you'll feel like you're in paradise on any one of the many trails that run through this massive state. Mountains, waterfalls, forests, creeks, rivers, flat trails, ridge trails, you name it! An abundance of opportunity to really get out awaits. Check out this guide for some of the best hikes in the area.

Like a little more excitement in your outdoor adventures? Not to worry. There are plenty of options here for someone who likes an adrenaline rush. Tubing, sailing, boating, jet skiing, parasailing, and rope climbing are just some of your available options. Utah is known for being one of the best mountain biking destinations in the country, as well. If you like to off-road, you won't be too far of a drive from some amazing ATV and 4x4 trails in just outside the valley that is pretty hard to beat as far as scenery goes.

If you enjoy road-tripping or camping, there are many more natural destinations to visit in Utah, to name just a few:

  • Monument Valley – a world-famous destination on the Utah-Arizona border showcasing very large sandstone buttes
  • Bryce Canyon – a stunning collection of naturally formed amphitheaters located in southwestern Utah
  • Zion National Park – an American national park which features the 15-mile Zion Canyon
  • Flaming Gorge – a massive reservoir on the Utah-Wyoming border that serves as a multi-use recreational area

No matter how you like to spend your time outdoors, Utah is a great place to do it. Utah's employment numbers and economic picture both look great, but nothing looks as great as the state itself.

The Land of Opportunity

One if the interesting developments for Utah over the last decade has been its transformation into a tech hub. Utah has a history of contract work with the government, and many of its businesses have long been involved with the tech sector. As a considerable amount of businesses could no longer afford to stay in California's Silicon Valley, many of them found their home in Utah — with its tech centers now coined the Silicon Slopes. A lot of hard work and planning went into incentivizing businesses to make the move, and it's played a huge role in the influx of new residents to Utah and boosting its economy.

Utah is great for people working in tech because it's easy to get away from all of the noise in a very short time. And that's where another key distinction from Silicon Valley lies, it's just not overcrowded the way many parts of California have become. A lot may be changing, but it's not hard to escape for a while whenever you feel the need. And if you're more in the mood for a night on the town, there's also plenty to do in the area. Utah brings you the best of both worlds.

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