Top 10 Life Coach Programs to change your life in 2022
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Top 10 Life Coach Programs to change your life in 2022

Learn everything about the best 10 Life Coach Certification Programs for 2022: all that you need to learn to start your new career as a Life Coach!

Top 10 Life Coach Programs to change your life in 2022

If you are thinking of starting a new career as a Life Coach, or are a life coach looking to update your skills professionally, you may be interested in knowing about the best Life Coach Certification Programs for 2022.

Being a Life Coach is no easy thing. You need to be able to mix different skills and talents in order to make it to the top and actually make a living out of it. Everyone can be a Life Coach, but those really making it are the ones keeping up on studying and learning, getting new certifications and abilities.

So if you are starting from 0 in the field and need to learn the basics, or if you are already working as a life coach and want to get a new certificate to add proudly to your wall, this list may be interesting for you.

Ready to turn your life around this 2022?

Let’s have a look at the 10 best Life Coach Certification Programs for 2022!

Become a Dharma Certified Coach in only 16 weeks

Did you know that you can become a Dharma Certified Coach in only 16 weeks? You can do it with the World’s First And Only Dharma Coaching Double-Certification Experience, a deeply transformational program covering 8 stages of dharma life-changing principles.

This program is incredibly interactive and practical, where you can really practice your skills and learn a wide range of skills with your peers. You will learn how to work with high-end clients in a holistic approach, while also studying subjects like business management and marketing.

The great thing about this program is that in the end, you will earn not only one certificate, but two!

In just 16 weeks, you can become a Certified Dharma Coach or a Spiritual Life Coach.

The program created a training system with proven results for your clients, for a thriving, in-demand career.

If you want to connect with highly skilled Spiritual Life Coaches equipped with ancient wisdom, modern psychology, and results-oriented frameworks, this is the right place for you.

Study with David Key and become a Transformative Coach

If you love the world of Life Coaching, you will surely be familiar with David Key, best-selling author, and famous Transformative Coach and NLP Trainer.

David’s goal is to help people in reaching their best life, realizing their goals both personally and professionally. His dream is to transform the world with the help of teachers like him; which is the reason why he created the special Three Principles training program.

More than 70,000 students have already followed his teachings, both offline and online. There are three courses available at the moment: The Ultimate Coach Programme, the Activation Programme, and the Freedom experience.

David is known for his innovative and dynamic style: he loves to share his own experience in order to help students understand how the mind really works. Enrolling in one of these programs, you will be able to learn more about the mind/thinking process in order to improve your life and performance in many different ways: work, love, sports, etc.

Evolve yourself with the Body Mind Coaching

If you are not only looking for a life coach certification program but really want to change your life and evolve yourself, the Body Mind Coaching program may be the right fit for you.

These courses are aimed at professionals in the field of massage therapy, yoga, mindfulness, and similar professions that want to be in contact with the body and mind in a transformative way, all while making the world a better place. The Body Mind Coaching Life Coach Certificate is for driven and passionate people with a mission.

This course is different from other similar programs because it puts a lot of attention also on the body, an essential element to give your mind real power. The approach is holistic; the certification aims at giving students the right instruments to help their clients (and themselves) transform their life, starting from their very own bodies.

With this course, you can become a real Life Coach, or integrate these new skills into your career, in order to differentiate yourself and reach new goals. Moreover, by enrolling in the program you will become part of a like-minded community, where you will be able to share your journey and make new contacts and friends.

Turn your passion into a job with the Kingdom Coaching

This method, personally founded by Francine Ivey, universal life coach, the Kingdom Coach Certificate is designed to unlock your potential in order to maximize your performance. The course has strong biblical foundations, thus it may be not the right fit for everyone. Nevertheless, it teaches you to approach any type of client and background.

The course is made of 12 sessions. You will learn about coaching skills, pricing, client targeting, business management, and much more. You can decide to learn with 1:1 coaching, for a personalized experience. This makes the difference compared to many other online courses where you need to do it all by yourself without a real person supporting you. You can also enroll in the program with your future business partner, or with a group, ideal if you are on a budget.

This may be a good Life Coach Certification option for 2022 if you are looking for a more personalized approach and want to fit what you are learning into your very own situation and experience.

Next Level Life Coach Training: for women in business

If you are a powerful and strong businesswoman, the Next Level Life Coach Training program may be the perfect solution for you. This training course is designed for thriving personalities that want to take their career to the next level, creating a successful business in the Life Coaching niche.

Founded by Caitlin Winkley, the Next Level Life Coach Training Certification provides you with a valuable framework and structure to put your ideas into reality. It teaches you how to get your very first clients, how to charge luxury rates, how to be comfortable putting your face out there.

You will start working on your personal blocks, moving then to learning about helping others transform their lives, to finally creating a business and a niche out of your passion and skills.

All the classes take place via Zoom, with 1:1 and group support from other like-minded coaches.

Antojai Alchemy: use Quantum Healing & Ascension to become a Spiritual Life Coach

If you believe in energy healing, in the ascension of the universe, and are seeking a powerful scientific approach in your Life Coaching business, you may want to get a certification with Antojai Academy. The Academy was created by Axel Carrasquillo to find holistic solutions for mental and body healing and offers a full certification based on the principles of quantum physics, energy management, subconscious shifting, alternative medicine, shamanism, chakra healing, shadow work, and quantum reiki so that you can help others reach their full potential in record time.

The Antojai Quantum Business program will take you from any level to pro healer in a matter of weeks.

You will have a team to keep you accountable, help with your business growth and marketing, and help you sharpen your skills in advanced healing with yourself and your clients so that you can live a 6 - 7 figure lifestyle helping others reach their potential and soul purpose.

In your Spiritual Life Coaching business, you will be able to integrate the Antojai technique, becoming an Ascension Coach and Master while also mastering other modalities exclusive to Antojai Academy like Quantum Reiki, if you choose so.

Become an iPEC certified coach and make an impact

You can become a certified Life Coach with iPEC, starting your new career knowing how to run your own business and market yourself to clients. The course will not only give you a professional Life Coach Certification in 2022 but also teach you how to make a living out of your passion.

The iPEC coaching program is based on its unique Core Energy Coaching process and focuses on teaching clients to create choices in how they think and feel. At the end of the course, you will earn the title of Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and be ready to start working with clients.

In the program, ICF- accredited since 2022, in fact, you will also learn more about marketing, branding, and how to launch your coaching business. Because of this, it is not exactly cheap, but it is a very good option if you want to run your business at 360°.

Tuition includes access to their library of resources where you can find many tools and techniques to use with your clients as you help them on their journey. The live sessions occur at three-month intervals and allow you to learn directly from certified life coaches who teach you how to help your clients gain clarity, define goals, and discover solutions to their life problems. You can also practice your coaching skills by participating in group coaching sessions.

Radiant Coaches Academy: your international holistic coach certification

If you want to practice at an international level, then Radiant Coaches Academy is perfect for you. This academy with over 500 students in 20 countries, founded in 2012, is a prominent international training school for holistic life coaches, wellness coaches, and business coaches. Students enrolling in their courses can study from everywhere in the world. Yes, you heard it right: all the certifications can be attained 100% online!

After studying in this school, you can officially become a Certified Holistic Coach (CHC) and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). The best part is that the Radiant Coaches Academy is accredited by the International Coaching Federation, thus you can have a real international certification valid all around the world. Also, these certifications include the possibility to participate in holistic retreats to earn live hours toward your certification.

This online school is completely self-paced with optional daily online classes. This means that there is no need to give up on your current job or daily activities in order to fulfill your dream: you can still do it all!

Metaphysics and quantum physics are at the core of this school teachings, but you will also learn subjects such as ethics, marketing, business development, human design, neuroscience, enneagram, intuition development, legalities, spirituality, coaching skills practice, setting goals, community building and live coaching demos.

Take charge of your income with the Human Potential Coach Training Program

If you are not satisfied with your life at the moment and would like to earn money doing what you really want, the Human Potential Coach Training Program is the best option for you. With this course, you will be able to fulfill your life by helping others unlock their own potential.

The certification is ICF accredited, thus it is made for people aiming at charging premium rates once they have obtained their certificate. Over 1500 students already decided to learn with HPC, becoming part of a network of like-minded people.

The great thing about this program is that even if it is quite expensive, you can decide to break down the subscription fee, paying in installments from three to eighteen months. You can really pay over time the easy way.

To sum it up, the Human Potential Coach Training Certificate is a highly-innovative, science-backed, whole-person coaching model that uses a revolutionary presence-centered methodology for powerful, radical shifts and insights.

Get a dual certification program with the Natural Wellness Academy

Mind Dynamics Life Coach Certificate by the Natural Wellness Academy is a dual certification program taking into consideration hypnotherapy skills. The program is designed to give you the instruments to help your clients make lasting changes by developing the right positive mindset and behavior.

The program has a very holistic approach, the most important principle is that healing is more lasting when it encompasses all levels: mind, body, and spirit.

With this course you will learn more about how the brain works and how the subconscious can rule us with its dynamics, finding the right strategies to cope with internal blocks and mental conditioning on our actions. With this program you will embrace a positive mindset and boost your confidence, learning how to do the same with your own clients.

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