My name is Olivia Agnes Basant. I am a senior at UWG double majoring in Psychology and Biology with a minor in Chemistry. I have aspirations of becoming a clinical hematologist/oncologist. I'm a friend, daughter, granddaughter, and big sister to 5 little ones who love to create mischief and laughter with me. I am proud of my Indian heritage and I seek to embrace my culture and identity in new ways every day.

Above all else, I'm just a girl who loves her family, school, and all that life has to offer-- even the heartbreaking moments because I fervently believe that there is meaningfulness in all that we experience.

When people first meet me, they usually assume that I am Hindu because of my heritage. However, I am not, yet I am quite humbled to say that I was raised in a household that taught me to cherish, worship, and be proud of my heritage. I was born to parents who immigrated to the USA when they were kids.

They are the best parents any kid could ever ask for. I know I wouldn't be the woman I am today without their guidance, patience, everlasting love, and reassurance that God has a plan for us all. It brings great comfort to me to believe that there is some higher authority mapping out our lives, but then again, that's just my belief. Moreover, who is that girl that's behind the screen, writing what may seem like meaningless platitude?

Life can be chaotic, fast, and overwhelming for all. From the advent of adulthood, we have college classes, residence life, bills, car payment, tuition, relationship, employment, and we often seem to lose sight of ourselves amidst the chaos. How can you find a harmonious melody of all the demands that ever-so-slightly loom in the distance? I cannot speak for all, but I certainly can speak for myself.

Although I may not reconcile with the commitments and diligence that others may possess, I can certainly tell you that managing face-to-face classes and online classes simultaneously, working as a tutor, delving into extracurricular clubs, and all while striving to manage a bond with my loved ones and family is arduous. However, doesn't love to make us do wild things? I love my life and I am so proud to say that I absolutely love the craziness that I get to call my life.

It has taught me how to grow up. To be independent. To become more outgoing. To become the person that I want to be (for myself and for others, too). I can recall from the earliest of my adolescent years rebelling against my parents, so desperately fighting for a chance to be "grown-up" and never accepting that I simply wasn't there yet. I had a bad habit of comparing myself to others, but you can't compare apples to oranges.

They're both fruits, but they are not alike. Similarly, other people are humans, but they aren't you. I have my struggle. I struggled for so long learning to drive and it used upset me seeing all of my friends get their license so quickly, while I was stuck behind the wheel learning. Remember that you are not the product of the circumstances you are subjected to but are rather a product of the decisions you make.

Ask yourself whether or not the choices you are making today are conducive to paving the path for your success. Nothing worth having comes easy in life; what you put in is what you get out. This truism has rung through in all aspects of my life: friendships, education, and acquiring new skills.

By the time you have reached this point in my article, I hope my candid perspective has inspired you to some degree. I hope you always remember to LOVE yourself and to RESPECT yourself. Despite the disparity that some situations may bring, I hope you never lose the ability to find beauty and goodness in all that meets you. Life never stops moving forward, and neither should anyone.