Life At College, According To Jessica Day
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Life At College, According To Jessica Day

We all knew she was relatable, but now she's describing life after high school all too well.

Life At College, According To Jessica Day

"New Girl" has swept the nation as one of the most relatable shows on TV right now. Jessica Day hits us weekly with new, weird (and weirder) situations that make our skin crawl, but also stop us in our tracks to think, "That happened to me yesterday."

Here's life at college as told by the one and only Jessica Day and friends.

1. Trying To Write Your Bio For Finding A Roommate

If you're not living with someone you knew before college, you know the struggle of trying to describe yourself on the finding a roommate page. You don't want to seem desperate, even though that's exactly what you are. You try to seem all casual and cool and not at all like you're writing this for an online dating website, but somehow "darn tootin' fun" is the only three words you can think of to describe yourself to the person you might be living with for the next nine months. Real cool.

2. The First Day Of Classes And A Cute Guy Sits Next To You...

...and you literally do this. Yeah, yeah, OK...I've never actually done this. But somehow I manage to do something incredibly stupid and thoughtless the minute he walks in and sits down that completely jeopardizes any chance of any communication in the future whatsoever. Again, real cool.

3. You Take A Nap After Class And Sleep So Long That You Miss Dinner...

Anyone else had this happen? It is possibly the worst thing. I usually just lay down thinking I'm going to "rest my eyes" or "dose off for a minute," but somehow that minute turns into four hours. You're already low on food in your room because of the whole being-a-poor-college-student thing, so missing a "free" meal means starvation (or a few stale Oreos). A small meltdown happens every time, and it looks a lot like this one.

4. Everywhere You Go You See Couples. Meanwhile You're Walking Around Campus In Your PJs...

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't one of those people who came to college searching for my soulmate, but everywhere I go I feel like couples are shoving their love down my throat. And then there's me, the weird girl who walks around in her giant frog slippers and matching polka dot PJs with greasy hair rolling my eyes at every happy pair of love birds that I see. It's one of those "I don't want a boyfriend, but like really where's my boyfriend" moments every time. But then I remember the description of myself above and realize that's probably why I am lacking in that department. I'm not alone here, am I people?

5. Meeting Your Roommate For The First Time And Trying To Warn Them About All Of Your Weird Quirks

Meeting your roommate for this first time is one of the weirdest experiences of your life. It's the person you're going to sleep in a cubical next to for nine months, so you want them to not be afraid, all the while knowing there's a lot they need to be warned about. Thank the Lord my roommate didn't run and hide when I shared all my weird quirks with her (shout out to you, roomie.) But honestly, none of us are normal, and for those of us who are extra weird, we owe it to our roommates to have a chance to get out while they still can, don't you think?

6. The Day You Realize You Don't Have A Pantry Anymore

The day you no longer are a few steps away from your mom's amazing grocery shopping and the stocked pantry of yummies is a sad, sad day. For one, there's that whole being poor thing I just talked about, so the food in your room is slim to none. And for two, food isn't just a flight of stairs away, but it's halfway across campus and requires wearing pants. So then there's the daily debate: do I starve, or do I brave the people in order to eat?

7. Thinking You Aced An Exam And Realizing The Opposite Happened

Studying for tests in college is so different than in high school. Way more pressure, way more info, way higher expectations. Your life starts to kinda depend on these grades, you know? So then when you dedicate your entire weekend to locking yourself in a room to study and you walk out feeling like you crushed it, the hard work seems to be worth it...until the prof puts your grade up...and you failed. Truly a paralyzing situation that leaves you hopeless and without any motivation to do anything ever again.

8. All Of A Sudden Sleep Is All You Think About

People tell you the crazy sleep habits that college brings, but until you're there, you don't get it. Days start at 8 a.m. and end at 2 a.m. with a few two-hour naps in there somewhere. Sleep becomes all you think about and what you carve your day around. Even if you got to bed early the night before (and by early, I mean before 2 a.m.), it is seemingly impossible to drag yourself out of bed each morning. You're willing to miss out on socializing in order to make up for the lack of sleep the night before and suddenly, sleep is your best friend.

9. You And The Strangers From Yesterday Are Now Bonded In Ways You Never Imagined

You meet people one day and the next it's like you've known them for years. Living together brings a whole new bond that not even you and your besties from high school can say you have. You've got each others' backs, you have their routines memorized, and you can finish their sentence before it even starts. It's something that's totally indescribable until you experience for the first time. But let me tell you, it's the best.

10. Homework Breaks Are Necessary And Dance Parties Always Seem To Be The Answer

We're always trying to find ways to avoid the hours of homework due tomorrow and so what better way to distract ourselves than blasting Katy Perry and dancing like there's no tomorrow? It blows off steam and gets me ready to kill some homework until the next dance party is in order five minutes later. And then, before you know it, the entire night has looked a whole lot like this with zero homework accomplished. Oh well! Priorities, right?

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