For many students, a new semester is a time of what they think will be new beginnings. Sometimes these resolutions to do better with work or self-care actually work, but more often than not, we're just lying to ourselves. Don't believe me? Listen to students say these ten things and then inevitably fail.

1. "I'm going to get enough sleep every night"

You might start out this way, but let's be real, as soon as your assignments start up you're going to sacrifice sleep for the GPA.

2. "I'm going to do all of the assigned readings"

It's a nice thought, but we all know it isn't happening.

3. "I'm going to eat out less"

You can try, but there's no way that's actually going to happen.

4. "I'm going to save money this semester"

Sure you are. Sure.

5. "I'm going to go to the gym at least three times a week"

Even if you are a student who is actually motivated to work out, the likelihood that you'll have time for this is pretty low.

6. "I won't drink as much coffee this semester"

As soon as you start sacrificing your sleep, you're going to need something to keep you going. Enter coffee.

7. "I'm not going to skip a single lecture"

Whether it be because you need to sleep, you want to go home earlier than you're supposed to, or you just have too much work, it's not super likely that you can actually do this.

8. "I'm going to dress really nice every day"

Nice try, but no. Leggings for the win.

9. "I'm going to keep up with my planner"

You might think so, and you might really try, but it definitely isn't going to happen.

10. "I'm not going to get as stressed"

Just wait until you read the syllabus. And then do midterms. And then finals.