In a world where almost everything can be accessed almost anywhere through a digital device, it can be easy to forget or ignore the importance of the local library. With the digital age in full peak, the library is often dismissed as antiquated. However, for many members of the public, the library is still relevant, and a very appreciated service. The library has many great advantages.

The library is free.

While the information age has made it possible for people to own personal digital devices, and made access to the internet readily available, it hasn't made these things free. These devices, as well as paying for the wireless internet service that the devices use to access the internet, can add up to a lot of money over time. This is where the library has advantages over internet-based book services, such as kindle. Public libraries are entirely free, as long as you use them correctly, and return what you have borrowed on time and in good condition. They provide books, audiobooks, DVDs, access to computers, and more–all completely free. Public libraries also often provide programs for the public, such as arts and crafts instruction programs, and programs to educate children. Again, these programs are usually free. Even though many books are available for purchase online, why spend the money when you can borrow them for free? For people with limited income, this can be incredibly helpful. You can use the library without spending a dime to write a paper for school, learn a new language, apply for jobs and so much more. Save some money; use a library.

The library provides an environment with few distractions.

The library is notorious for being a quiet space where people are able to get their work done without distractions. In the library, it's just common courtesy to be as close to silent as possible. It can be a great get-away from a noisy office, or busy classroom. Libraries also encourage you to disconnect by letting your calls go to voicemail, and leaving your phone alone during your visit. While your friends are busy posting, you will be able to finish your work without distractions in the library.

Not everything on the internet is true.

The internet can provide you with a lot of information, but sometimes it can be hard to root through what is fact and what is nonsense. A simple internet search can often turn up many answers, some of which are facts written by professionals, but many of which are the opinions of people who are not necessarily versed in the knowledge they share. The internet can spread misconceptions. However, the library can provide you with factual information that is written, edited and published by professionals with verifiable knowledge. If you utilize the library's reference and non-fiction sections, you can find an abundance a of pertinent and valid information.

Although the information age tries to cause it to become obsolete through the use of internet accessible devices, the library remains a useful service for many reasons. It allows people to access digital and physical content for free. The library also runs many programs that allow people to improve their knowledge and skills for free. It creates an environment where one can study, work, or just read recreationally with limited distractions. Don't forget that the information you can find at the library is reliable, and verifiable. Whereas information on the internet can be incorrect. Oh, and did I mention that it's free? So go to save some spare change and head to the library.