Library Etiquette During Finals Week

Library Etiquette During Finals Week

Rule number one: Don't be a seat hoarder!!!

Finals week has finally, inevitably, fallen upon us. When I tried to study for my finals over the weekend, I went to the library like I normally would. And was greeted by a mob of unfamiliar, panicked students everywhere. It was like walking straight into a stampede of Starbucks and study guides, and I actually felt more distracted at the library than I would’ve at my dorm! Now I present a list of the do’s and don’ts of the library (but most of what I mention just annoys me personally so take it lightly).

1. Don’t be rude, dude. Put away the food!

Cafes literally came into existence so people had a place to eat and be productive at the same time. A library is not a cafe. And there even is a “cafe” in the library! So why do people still sit at the most silent area of the library and begin eating the crunchiest food in their bag?? Hearing people chewing is my biggest pet peeve of ALL time and it’s especially worse when all I’m trying to do is concentrate on my work and, all of a sudden, someone sits down and consumes their Einstein's bagel in the most ridiculous, disgusting way possible.

2. Sharing is caring, so please stop taking up an entire table!

This is especially prominent during finals week because we are all just trying to cram in some studying. Don’t spread out on an entire table with your thousands of lab reports, an entire five-course meal, your laptop, the laptop charger, your three good-luck charms, etc. People always claim an entire table in the library and protect it like a loyal doggo keeping watch over its owners. We're all at the library for the same reason (we put everything on our syllabus off until the last minute), so why can’t we just all sit together and suffer? And while we’re on the topic of tables, you don’t own a “spot” in the library. You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit, even if it’s by the freezing window that’s right by the entrance so everyone can see you.

3. Stop the talking or do some walking! Away from me!!

Again, there are places to go to catch up with your friends and plan out the weekend. The library is not one of those places. We’ve literally been taught this since elementary schools, when the angry librarians would never stop shushing us. Well now, I am the angry librarian and I am actually trying to study so please converse somewhere else. Preferably, anywhere that isn’t dead silent where everyone around you can hear the exact words you’re trying to whisper.

4. Anything you view on your computer other people around you will be looking at too, so choose wisely.

Am I the only one that becomes incredibly nosy in public places? The library is the perfect place to procrastinate even more and people-watch. Someone’s Netflix habits say a lot about them, and yes I am judging you for watching Parks and Recreation again instead of studying. Also, if you’re viewing anything on your computer or phone in any public place, use headphones!! I can’t believe I have to say that but no one wants to hear your Motivation Monday Spotify playlist.

5. Don’t ask someone to watch your stuff, then come back an hour later!

Obviously, leaving for a quick bathroom break or going to get a coffee is fine, but don’t leave the library, go and fight seventeen world wars, and then come back and expect everything to be all peachy! You should not force someone to look over your things if you know you’re not going to return for a while, it’s just inconsiderate. If they have to leave, it’s not their responsibility if anything gets stolen, as it shouldn’t be. That’s all you, bud.

I hope some people agree with my rules for the library, but I more strongly hope that you all practice them so I can actually study for the finals that I already know I’m going to fail! Good luck everyone, we got this!!

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1. "Is your homework just a bunch of coloring?"

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3. "It's not fair that you get summers off."

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4. “That's a good starter job."

Are you serious..? I'm not in this temporarily. This is my career choice and I intend to stick with it and make a difference.

5. “That must be a lot of fun."

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Cover Image Credit: BinsAndLabels

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7 Reasons Why Being An Education Major Is The Best Decision You Can Make In College

Everyone has pride in their major, but us education majors are ones to beat.


Before and throughout college, I changed my major roughly five times. It was such a tough decision for me, but I finally landed on the perfect one for me and that was education. Here are the reasons why being an education major is hands down the best:

1. We get to help others 

A huge reason I stepped into this degree was because I knew I would get to make a difference - small or large.

2. We play a big part in how the future will look like 

Did you ever think about that? Teachers get to help shape the kids of the future by how the classroom is run.

3. Studying education makes you appreciate education 

I have always loved school, but not as much as I do now. I have found a strong passion for education and the value it holds.

4. We get to be role models 

Some of those kids who walk through the door won't have anyone at home rooting for them, or they will, but your encouragement and push will help drive them to succeed.

5. We get to create a fun and effective learning environment 

I have learned what I do and do not want my classroom environment to be just through the teachers that I have had.

6. No one can do my job without the teaching license 

This for me has created job security knowing that no one can take my job without also having gone through the education, student teaching, and testing that I have.

7. Teachers will ALWAYS be needed 

Education will never go away, so neither will we as teachers.

I am honored, to say the least, to be able to be a teacher one day. It is something that I cherish and will work my hardest at being one of the greats.

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