Liberty Is Alive In 2019
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Liberty Is Alive In 2019

Modern decentralization has advanced freedom like never before.

Ferdinand Stöhr

Information, weapons, and markets have often been subjects of government control. As time has progressed, the centralization of both society and production have dwindled, and in turn, so has the power of government. In 2019, there are no longer subjects the state can control and decide are merely privileges. The general public arguably possesses a greater guarantee of freedom than it has at any other point in history.


Throughout history and currently in oppressive regimes, controlling freedom of speech and freedom of the press is an extremely common theme. As the influence of the internet grows, the ability of governments to control information becomes more and more impossible. Despite the roles of largely centralized platforms like Google have taken, the internet is still inherently decentralized. Essentially, any book or piece of information which has ever been in public hands will remain available, in some capacity, through the internet.


In the past, firearms could only be produced by manufacturers or experienced gunsmiths. In times of turmoil, this has proven problematic for citizens to adequately arm themselves. Throughout history, the centralization of firearms production has left numerously oppressed and poorly armed groups. The French resistance during Nazi occupation for example, severely weakened.

For a government or foreign entity to control a population, they would simply need to control the centralized areas of weapons production. In 2019, producing an unregistered firearm takes a little more than a 3D printer and an hour of online research. In my eyes, this has rendered gun control effectively dead in the grand scheme of things.


Cryptocurrency has created a world in which peaceful, voluntary transactions between two individuals can take place without the involvement of government violence. The untraceable currency used on the deep web has created a market in which the laws of supply and demand are voluntarily fulfilled online between sellers and users. If conducted properly, these transactions are completed without risk of government aggressors throwing peaceful individuals in cages. While I hold disdain for drug use, I vividly understand what a violation of liberty the drug war has been, and therefore respect that this has been the primary application of cryptocurrency purchases.

Knowledge, weapons, and peaceful monetary transactions outside of government control are, for the first time in history, largely in public hands. You can learn what you want, possess what you want, buy what you want, and sell what you want more freely than ever. Despite the trend of increasing government control over our lives, there is certainly a bright side for liberty in 2019.

From here, we will see what decentralization has in store for individual freedom.

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