Thank You For Letting Me Go

Letting go of someone is tough. Not only are you letting go of memories, but you're letting go of someone who once meant everything to you. Through late night talks, food runs and inside jokes, somewhere both of you separated. Separated in the way, where growth and experience took over and there was nothing you could do about it. When people talk about fate, and how people belong in your life, one person comes to mind. This person, no matter where you are, is in your mind; constant imagery and artifacts of life represent what they were to you. Not only do the memories flood back with waves, but emotions of the last goodbye haunt you. You realize that they're one call or text message away, and their voice reminds you of a time of joy and pleasure. Joy of comfort and understanding one another, pleasure of laughter till your stomachs hurt, till tears of being in their presence makes joy and comfort a routine. Comfort is a scary topic -- it's sharing apart of yourself with someone you trust and letting go of all insecurities you thought you had.

Living a life with someone is understanding that sometimes they are only there for a short while of your life. Thanking every moment you had with a person, good or bad, can lead to happiness. It can lead you to your new best friend, your new lover or to a new future. People will let you down, but they will only let you down if you let them. Letting someone go is difficult -- it takes courage and bravery. Bravery in the sense of strength of knowing someone is done in your story. Being able to understand being healthy and wanting people to be the same. Friends and lovers will come and go, but there will always be the one person who means more. The one person, you would drive to pick up at 3a.m., the person you would try new foods with and the one person you can lay under the stars talking about your future with. This person was the definition of truth, they led you to a path of consistency, acknowledging someone would always be there.

One day you wake up and they're no longer there; you flip through the memories in pictures and videos you have saved. You find comfort in the little things they taught you: how to listen and be true. Being true to yourself was the hardest of all, not being able to appreciate your flaws or theirs. You never knew that letting go could lead you to growth. The person you were once so close to has new friends, maybe even a new lover and somehow you're happy. You're happy to have known a part of a person so well, to have grown from understanding that people aren't always in your life forever. Acknowledging this growth means new adventures and people. Here is to all the people you let go of and to who has let go of you. May you continue to grow and thrive to learn.

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