I have a serious problem with saying “yes”.

I systematically agree to doing favors when I barely have time for my own to-do list and I say yes even when I don’t particularly want to.

I am the go-to person when many of the people I know need to vent, revise a paper, borrow something, and even ask to host a party.

Sometimes I justify this behavior by convincing myself that these people would do the same for me but time and time again they have proven they wouldn’t and I continue doing them favors.

I thought the point wasn’t to expect anything in return but there’s another truth I was overlooking.

I was letting way too many people’s needs become more important than my own. I don’t exactly know what I’m doing most of the time and I struggle with a lot of things but that’s all normal.

I’m not the only soon to be 21 year old who doesn’t have life figured out.

However, I do have one less thing I need to worry about — letting everyone skip me in my personal line of priorities.

Don’t wait for other people to remember to consider your feelings.