It is hard not to get stressed out as a college student. Between classes, social life, clubs, jobs and internships, we have a lot on our plate. There are countless times when I have felt overwhelmed, confused and tired. I have worried about how I am going to get all my work done, and once that's over I'm left thinking about all the other things I need to plan for in the future. On top of that, Becky seemed weird at lunch today and I'm not sure if she was just tired or mad. I could literally run my mind in circles finding things to worry about.

After one particularly exhausting week, I was talking to my mom when she said something that totally changed my perspective. I was telling her about all the assignments I had due in the coming week and how I was worried that I would not get them done. She responded, "has there ever been a time where you have not gotten everything that you needed to do done?" When I stopped to think about it, I realized that she had a point. Despite all of the times I had been stressed out, I had always gotten everything done. I never let things slip so far that I just didn't write a paper, or find a summer job or take time to hang out with my friends. When I thought back on the past couple weeks, I realized that I had done everything I needed to, and all my stress did was take up my time and energy.

From that conversation onward, I promised myself to deal with my circumstances differently. Instead of being stressed about all that I had on my plate, I would be confident in my abilities. Instead of worrying about all that I had to get done, I would go about things calmly and rationally, focusing on whatever I was doing without worrying about everything else. Letting go of my stress cleared my mind and made me a happier person. It helped me to be more focused and it showed me that I was more than capable of managing my responsibilities. Most importantly, letting go of my stress helped me to feel happier and secure.

It helped me trust the process and see that things turn out okay if I work hard and go with the flow.