A Letter To The Woman I Hope To Become

Hey you,

It's me! Well, me is you, but you get what I mean.

I hope everything is going well for you. Sometimes the things we planned don't work out, but I hope you got to accomplish everything we wanted to, or are at least on your way there.

I hope you roll over every morning and open your eyes to see the man of your dreams. I hope he pulls you close every morning and tells you how beautiful you are, even though we both know we're a hot mess when it comes to mornings.

I hope you drag your feet slowly across your bedroom floor as you walk to the bathroom. And when you look in the mirror, you smile to yourself. Maybe you have wrinkles by now. Maybe we should have moisturized a little more, but that's fine. I wonder what color your hair is now.

Did you ever decide you wanted to grow your nails long? Do we have tattoos? Do you still love them?

I do hope you have learned to love yourself by now.

After you brush your teeth and throw your hair up, I hope you get to kiss your beautiful babies good morning and help them get ready for school. They tell you they love you and hug you and scurry off to the bus.

Remember that perfect little neighborhood we hoped for? The one with the large houses, great neighbors, and the magazine worthy landscaping? Did we make it there?

As you get ready for work, I hope you're excited. I hope it's a job you love and not just something to help the family get by. Let me tell you, I'm working hard for this degree right now, I hope it pays off.

At the end of every day, whether it be watching movies with the family or working on whatever hobby you've picked up, I hope it's everything you want it to be.

I hope you've learned to stop living in the past and how to let people go. You remember: a lot of heartache came from people who don't deserve it. I'm dealing with it right now. Hopefully, you've gotten over it.

I hope you walk around with your head held high knowing that you are exactly who you want to be.

Above all, I just hope that you're happy. That's all we ever really wanted out of this life.



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