Dear sweet baby lil,

Everyone is already rolling their eyes at the general premise of this article and scrolling onwards to another Tasty video, so I might as well say anything I want.

I’ve read through so many other letters to littles here on the Odyssey and none of them fully captured what I wanted to say to you. By the time this goes live, you’ll be stuck with me and I with you, which means you picked me just as I picked you. So you must know that we aren’t the typical srat-until-we-die kind of people, and I’m not the creepy “I’ve been planning for you the damn second I got my very OWN BID CARD” kind of big (although there was a magnificent blue owl piggy bank on clearance at Marshall’s that I just obviously knew you would love).

But I just wanted to let you know a couple things before we meet. Think of it like a really good Tinder profile for a really good catfisher.

You’re stepping into some pretty big shoes. I don’t know if you know my (our, sorry) fam yet, but they’re kind of Head Bitches in Charge. I’m not saying you should have a job lined up after college yet or anything, but I would highly recommend it since standing next to these two without endless accolades is a little wimpy. I wish you had more time to get to know your great grandbig, Emmy, but she really doesn't even like the title grandbig, so sticking around for even longer is going to turn her hair grey. Your grandbig Lucy loves Dominoes and Lily Pulitzer and eventually you if you are genuine and kind. She’s a gem and, believe you me, a little too good for us. She is unbelievably compassionate and brilliant and I can’t wait for you beans to meet.

Please note in your Rule Book of Life that now that we're together, you’re always going to have a friend. Whether you’re having a good day, a bad week, or you just don’t want to sit alone at the DUC (which is a hefty honor, as you probably know how much I hate the DUC and it hates me), I’ll be there for you. I’ll be your hype man and human tissue, your biggest embarrassment and your strongest rock.

Now, I won’t be around for your first semester as a fully initiated member and I do apologize for that. I know first semester sophomore year was one of the most insane times in my life, made all the better by living in proximity to my own big. You no longer feel brand new and you don’t have to stress about recruitment or your own little; next fall might just be your favorite semester ever in Kappa. And I’ll be gone for all of it.

But know this: your family isn’t just me or our lineage. It’s all of your friends and mine, the ones who actively support and love us for being the heinous goons we are. They'll fill my void probably better than even I could. However, if you ever feel like you're missing me, know that I won't ever be too far... just a 12-hour flight, five time zones, and the entire Atlantic; really just a quick pop over away from you!

I promise you to be there for you when your day sucks and you need to scream, and I promise to force you to watch crappy 2000’s teen movies with me. I promise to tell you when you shouldn’t waste money on that outfit or time on that dimwit. I promise you shenanigans and endless laughter and your own Dominoes pizza because you really shouldn’t have matched with me if you can’t pull your own weight in terms of pizza eating.

I hope you're ready for this!!

With all the love I've got,

Your Big