Dear Stranger,

You're lucky I would've been late to class if I decided to stay behind and key your car. It sucks already that every day I have to come to school an hour earlier and join this Hunger Game-esque battle of trying to find a parking space since the university refuses to create more parking spaces for some odd reason. But nothing truly sucks more than finding an individual leaving, then patiently waiting to park (ALL WHILE SIGNALING), and then only for some heathen to swoop in and steal your parking spot.

First off, how dare you? I don't care if you're late to class, you don't think I'm going to be late to class? Second off, we're all adults here (sorta), know your parking etiquette. If I was here first, it's my spot. If I picked someone up and dropped them off so I could get their spot, it's my spot. If I have to back up and give the person leaving room to leave, it's still my spot. If you're late to class on a test day and you're at the perfect angle to swoop in and take that spot off my hands, well guess what? IT'S. STILL. MY. SPOT. Listen, I don't care if it's 8 a.m., this entire garage will continue to hear my Honda Civic's horn roar until you give me what's rightfully mine.

I get it, you're just trying to be the best student you can be by getting to class on time but this isn't it. To be quite honest, I don't really know you but I hate you. Your crappy actions are enough for me to hope that you have a bad day. I hope you think you did well on your test but you failed miserably. I hope your coffee is made medicorely––not wrong, but not right either. I hope that internship you were hoping to hear back from never gets back to you; I'm not implying that you didn't get the position, but if you did, I hope that point of communication gets missed. I hope that if you ever decide to take someone's parking space again, they'll discreetly slash the tires on your car so that way, you'll have to replace your tires on a day you never expected this to happen. Most importantly, I hope karma will take care of this and give you what you deserve.

I'll admit it, a part of my anger is geared to the university as well. You're telling me I pay tuition, suffer through my rigorous classes, purchase these insanely over-priced textbooks written by my professors, and I still have to go through the emotional distress of finding a parking spot on campus? I mean, this goes for faculty too! I've seen those raggedy, small lots. I've parked in those lots from time to time when I'm super late and am willingly to risk the chance of a ticket but no individual has to go through this. Each year, I see a new building that's being built that's not a parking garage, lot, etc. and I am sick of this issue not being addressed.

It's my senior year and saying I'm exhausted of having to verbally fight someone over a parking space is an understatement. It's just simple logic: If someone was there waiting patiently for a parking space before you, that is their parking space. You don't steal it.


The student who is not here for it today, or any other day.