To My Younger Brother Who Would Rather Be Running

To my fourth brother,

I love you.

I may not say it enough or show you through my actions, but I do, and before this letter continues, I need you know to that. I love you.

Life tends to put obstacles or moments or people in our path that make it a little more difficult. You have had more struggles than most, yet you continue to persevere and I commend you for that. It’s not easy sometimes, trust me I know. Kids around your age tend to be especially cruel. It can seem that the walls are caving in, and it’s easy to feel that you’re alone, but please know that you’re not, because I will always be here for you.

I will give you a hug every time you open your arms. The same goes for a high five. Nowadays people send hugs electronically and it makes me happy that you still go for the physical one.

I will laugh at your jokes or at the very least smile. You don’t realize it, but sometimes your funniest moments are your reactions, the way you tell a story and your seemingly random comments. At times like these, that is when I laugh the hardest, not because I’m patronizing you but because you seem to know what to say without realizing it, and yet it works.

I will not comment on your picky eating habits, because hey, at least you know what you want, and I hope this decisiveness stays with you.

I will listen to your detailed descriptions of the new book you just started reading or your newly acquired knowledge, be it about a video game or school. It’s actually quiet fascinating, your ability to retain all this information and then spew it off to others.

I will help you, whenever you need it.

I will hang out with you, when you feel lonely.

I will try new things for you, and report feedback.

I will join in on your antics be it dancing around the kitchen or singing a song.

I will protect you, from the hate.

And above all, I will respect you, not just because you are my brother, but because as a human being, you deserve every ounce of respect from me and from the world.

So to my fourth brother: I love you and respect you, even when we fight, even when we disagree, and even when loving you seems impossible. And if I can ask anything of you, please know and remember that, no matter how cruel the world may seem, I will always love you and nothing can change that fact.

With all my love,

Your older sister

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