A Letter To My Worrisome Self

My whole life I always defined myself as a people person. I loved surrounding myself with people at all times because of the utter joy companionship brought to me. As I got older, I started to worry a little too much about the people around me. I worried too much about people that didn't matter and wasted time on those who really didn't deserve my attention at all. Now as an adult, I still find myself struggling to stop worrying about others who don't worry about me.

You deserve to worry about people in your life that want to be there.Stop sweating the small stuff. Stop worrying about people who have no influence on your life. Stop putting forth effort for those that don't matter. As simply put, weed out the bad in life. When you were younger, it was hard to tell the bad from the good. However, now as an adult, it is easy to point out those who don't add to your life. Surround yourself with people that make you genuinely better. Be with people who challenge, impact and add to every aspect of your life. No person is worth your worry if they do not add some value to your life. This is a hard fact to accept, but taking out the worry will add so much more joy to your life. You will start appreciating those who don't make you worry more. You will respect the value and impact those that want to be in your life have. Remember to treat every one person with kindness and respect, but never dwell on those who lack an effort towards you. Life is too short to be upset or mad about those who do not matter. Life is too short to not praise those who do matter and to always appreciate them with your all. You are worthy of people who lift your spirits. There are so many amazing people in your life, don't sweat those who make you feel any less than worthy of yourself.

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