A Letter To My Long Distance Best Friend

Dear Best Friend,

This year marks our 6 year friend-anniversary, let me be the first to say, wow. I can't thank you enough for the friendship that we share. I ask God every day why I asked you for the answers to our vocab quiz in 7th grade reading class, besides the fact that I didn't know the answers. And after all this time, I still have no idea why, but I can safely say I don't know where I would be without you.

All my favorite memories are with you. Graduating from middle and high school together (you always at the top of our class, of course), figuring out the boy thing which is still yet to be figured out, just coming over to your house when I'm bored just to hang out with your dog and mom or spending the day on your boat. As we grew up and became insanely close, so did our moms and we've been able to share some of our tougher moments together as a family. We've been through it all together.

The summer before college was a weird summer because we knew our lives were going to change completely, you off at Alabama and me at Illinois State. Saying goodbye to you, even for a few months, was one of the harder things I've had to do. We were both excited to move on from high school, but I knew I would never have another friend like you. I mean come on, no one else could be the Joey to my Chandler.

The adjustment to college was difficult but coming home on breaks to see you and share all about our new lives was the best. I kept thinking, "There is no way that there are girls out there as crazy as her," and man was I wrong. You found a whole group of girls just like you and who I was lucky enough to meet. I hope they know they're luckiest girls in the world to be friends with my best friend.

Realizing that your home wasn't my home anymore was the hardest pill for me to swallow. Realizing that I wouldn't be able to drive home and see you, but have to take a plane, killed me. But at the same time, having excuse to get away and come see you would come in handy at one point or another.

3916 Forest Avenue will forever be my second home. Our friendship has been something that I have cherished since the moment I met you and will continue to cherish. Thank you for being a constant support for me and being one of the best people in my life. Even though we don't talk every day, I know you are always there for me.

I love you and our goofy friendship.

I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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