Another Letter To Mr. Kreinbring

Another Letter To Mr. Kreinbring

Don't post pictures of the eng wing if you don't want sappy letters in response.

Dear Rick,

(Am I allowed to call you Rick to your face yet? Sorry, sorry.)

Dear Mr. Kreinbring,

I think I've written you too many letters already, and I'm sure you're tired of reading them. But I saw the picture of you and the eng wing dressed up for Halloween (minus a few faces) and I just couldn't help getting nostalgic. Like Tanya said, the eng wing never fails to disappoint. Never.

God, I miss you guys. I miss your class. I miss our discussions and our design thinking. I miss talking about feminism and religion and language. I miss the way you would teach us and essentially blow up our minds and then send us on our way.

Mostly though, I miss the way you grounded us. Since being here on campus, I've somehow forgotten the most important lesson you ever taught me: to give up the race for grades and follow the pursuit of knowledge.

College is insane, needless to say. The competition here is fierce. Every kid is the brightest, smartest, most talented kid. Everyone looks like they have their shit together, even if they don't. And classes are tough. (By the way, thanks for teaching me how to research so I'm not entirely lost with these 12,912,839 research papers I have to write by the end of the week. Also, thanks for teaching me how to write; that's a skill I've capitalized on beyond reasonable measure.) But yeah, college is intense. And somehow, I managed to slip back into 11th grade mentality, back into the Cave. You know, with the insistent push for GOOD GRADES and DON'T MESS ANYTHING UP EVER!!!!!!!! I started looking, no, obsessing over my GPA again. Oops. I know, I know, I'm sorry.

Seeing your face in the Addam's Family costume reminded me to take a step back and gain some perspective. Today I realized that I am literally at a place where I am surrounded on all four sides by information. For the next few years, any question I have, ANY question at all, I can get an answer to if I just look hard enough. That's what amazing resources I have at my finger tips. I'm here to learn, not to race. I remember that now. You've reminded me of that.

Sure, GPA matters and all, but oh my god, no it doesn't! What matters is that I'm learning things, things I'm probably not going to have such easy access to ever again. I can learn anything I want to. I don't need to be scared.

I remember you once agreeing with Mrs. Allan that you hated the whole concept of open letters, because they're just irritating and not ever well-written and are just an excuse for people to sound self-important. Yikes. I'm sorry I chose to make this an open letter, but I think that more people need to hear the things that you're teaching at Avondale, especially a lot of my peers.

Ben Zaremba, just a few days ago, said something like, "We don't even realize the impact that Avondale had on us. We had diversity and Rick's class," and those two things taught us more than any number of AP or IB courses ever could have.

Damn, I wish I could bring you and Eng Wing with me wherever I go. I wish you could always be there to spread your wisdom (yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes). But I'll just keep your lessons in mind. I'll remember the things you've taught me. I'll be grateful for where I come from and the memories I'm taking with me.

Even so many miles away and so many months later, you still continue to inspire. That's powerful.

Thank you for everything, again, because I'll never stop saying thank you.


Cover Image Credit: Vipul Gupta

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33 Thoughts Every College Student Has In An 8:30 A.M. Class, If Their Brains Are Even Awake Yet

Our minds always wander, especially when we have to get up early.

No one wants to get up early and attend an 8:30 a.m. class. You’re tired, hungry, and just wanna be in bed a little bit longer cause you know you’ll be up for the rest of the day in classes. It’s a fate that no wants as a college student, but sometimes we have to accept it and push through the pain of going to this early morning class. But since we are so tired, our thoughts like to let loose and make us talk in our minds for a majority of the class time.

Here are some thoughts that we might experience:

1. It’s only 6? Time for a little more sleep.

2. It’s only 7? Time for a little more sleep.

3. It’s only 7:30? I could sleep for a few more minutes and I’ll be okay.

4. Why do alarms always ruin the best dreams?

5. No time for breakfast again!

6. Why did I want to take this class?! Was it for my major? Was it even a required class? Did my counselor set me up?

7. This school always smells so clean in the morning. Probably no one has come in here yet.

8. That student is literally smiling. Calm down, it’s not even 10:00 yet.

9. She said ‘good morning’ to me. Why talk to me? Why me? There are other people in this classroom right now.

10. Now she’s having a conversation with me. I have no idea what she is talking about.

11. She mentioned food! Now I’m craving food. Just my luck.

12. A teacher that is excited at this time of the day, I do not trust in the slightest.

13. Did I do the homework? I think I like midnight, maybe.

14. A lecture again? Why can’t we watch a movie or just do our own work? Or let us go home so I can sleep?

15. Why is the teacher so passionate about this at 8:30 IN THE MORNING?! I get it. I’m passionate about things too, but not this early.

16. Oh! Got a text!

17. Everyone is taking notes. I should probably do that too.

18. Whoa, whoa! Slow down! Geez I can’t write as fast as you can talk.

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20. I swear if you raise your hand again I’m gonna to...

21. I hope that no one heard that growl from my stomach.

22. Somebody looked at me! They know it was me! I feel so exposed.

23. Why did I decide to take this class?

24. It’s been only 30 minutes and we’re not even half way done with this powerpoint?!

25. I think my hand is going numb. If my hand falls off, does that mean I don’t have to pay student loans?

26. That girl keeps talking! Is this why you sat in the front? Go home.

27. We’re done?! Oh thank the— Oh, of course, there’s ANOTHER PowerPoint!

28. Stop growling, stomach! I know you’re hungry! You’re part of my body, so I know I’m starving without you reminding me of it!

29. It’s over?! It’s over! Yes!! Finally!

30. Nope! No one has any questions! Let’s get up and...

31. Why?! Why do you talk so much!! No one should like school as much as you do!

32. Can we go? Is she done talking?

33. We’re done? Finally! My favorite time of the day... leaving that class!

Take my advice: an 8:30 a.m. class should be the last class you take. If it’s mandatory, I’m sorry for you. If it’s not, then avoid it at all costs.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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The Month Of April For A College Student

It Can Be Such A Wild Ride

April is the month between transition. It can be a very confusing time for college students. It is the time where assignments are ending, but more importantly the semester is ending.

The month in particular is when all the big, never ending assignments hit you at once and you are left with no time for anything else. Besides the famous word, stressed, there are many other emotions that come with the month of April and some of those emotions are hard to fit in words.

April is when you start feeling accomplished with all the time you have put into the semester, but also the time when you realize it all is coming to the end. To put it in simpler terms, it's a time when you want everything to be over, but want nothing to be over at the same time. You want the work to be done, but you want life with your friends to continue. It is a constant battle of happiness and sadness.

Yes, you will see your friends in the summer, but after living together for around 8 months these emotions are normal to have. Counting down the days can be satisfying, yet terrifying at the same time. The whole year has been a struggle, but in April especially you have been struggling together and when summer hits you can't wait to come back and have that again. It's a weird thing to want, but somehow doing nothing starts to feel boring when you actually are doing nothing.

When April does hit, you want the days to be over, real quick, but you wish the nights could last forever. It is during the night time you finally get peace and are wishing for the next day to hold out.

It is the time when you are sick of the food, but do not want to spend any more money either.

Even in this daily battle of wanting things and then not wanting certain things, May will come around and things will balance out. You will adjust to being with your family again and switching into a whole new routine. You will see your friends during the summer and have much needed catch up time. You will find your routine again it just takes time. Then, when you finally get used to your life at home, you will move back in and it will start again.

Cover Image Credit: Hunker

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