Sunny days thinking of you,

I assume it’s because I have nothing else to do.

Or maybe it’s because I choose to think of you rather than do anything else.

It’s pretty selfish and kind of cruel that the only thought that comes to mind is that you’ll come back to me and that we could be like we were in the summertime.

But no you’re not mine and you never were and I guess that’s why this kind of hurts.

Because you still chose her.

I didn’t even know that I liked you.

I didn’t know what an us would feel like until you asked.

No one ever asks.

I don’t think these things because I always end up with feelings I shouldn’t have.

I trust you and I don’t know why.

You’re not all that and you look odd when you smile but for some reason I could trust you and trust isn’t something I’ve grown to believe in.

We talked every day.

I was so excited when a call came and on my phone it read your name.

And those nights when you whispered to me on the other line.

Sometimes it was funny, sometimes it was wild, sometimes it was lustful, but most times it was kind.

I remember that time when you kissed me, and how my mind went numb.

I pulled away because in all honesty I was afraid.

I’d never felt that.

You didn’t get angry or annoyed when it happened.

You gave a small laugh and we tried again.

And if it ever became too much for me, you always offered to just hold my hand.

We talked and laughed like the best of friends.

Winter came and so did she and I knew that there was no chance.

You and me.

So here I am sitting on a park bench, living my life.

We talk from time to time and I guess we’re fine but honestly I Miss You…

I miss you so much.