A Letter To The Grown Ups, From The Childcare Worker Raising Your Kids

Dear adults in my life,

I am just going to start this off with an apology. Most of you probably have very serious jobs. Your co-workers are adults, your clients or customers are adults, and therefore you are surrounded by adult conversation.

Well, this is not the case for me. My job is serious — but in a much different way.

I might have to deal with some adults during the day. I might have a little adult conversation, but not much. My day is filled with people as tall as my waist, and conversation that is held in short phrases and baby talk. Because of this, I apologize in advance for acting like a child or acting like you are a child.

First, please don't be offended if I talk to you in "baby talk." If I ask if you need to potty, or if I exclaim "good job!" over something you did, just ignore it. Or laugh, because I will probably be laughing at myself.

Second, if I grab your hand as we are about to cross the street, or put my arm in front of you as we slow down quickly in a car, don't get offended. My protective nature is part of what I do.

I may also try to help you. With everything. Again, I work with children who sometimes can't do most anything for themselves, so I guess my subconscious doesn't think you can either. It is a habit.

I might find myself switching through the channels on TV and may pause over a kid's show. I am so used to watching them, I can probably name all of the characters to you.

I might even quote a children's book or show in casual conversation. When it is all you hear, it becomes a part of what you say at times.

The positive about all of this is, even though I might be incredibly awkward when it comes to adult interactions nowadays, you can bet I am beyond great with children. I know how to get the shy child to come out of their shell. I can understand 2-year-old gibberish that would make most puzzled. I can change diapers, wipe noses, prepare snacks, play pretend, read books, and keep watch on all 20 or so children without breaking a sweat. I can handle the bad kid and make them behave. I can cheer away the tears. Kids are my specialty.

I'll be the best babysitter, the one with the advice on how to handle something, or the hero to save the day when you are in over your head and just need a break.

Most importantly, I am nurturing and guiding the future generations. I am seeing these little children bloom into something great, and I get to help make them amazing individuals.

So, I apologize for the baby talk, the weird motherly behavior, and the various paint stains and boogies on my clothes. But just know, I wouldn't change it for the world because my place in life means a lot to those precious angels I take care of.


The adult that works with kids

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