A Letter To Graduating High School Seniors

It was around this time a year ago that I was in your shoes, looking at that clock almost like they do in High School Musical going: "summer, summer, summer, summer..." There was a little more excitement attached onto the end of each breath of summer because each chant was followed by: graduation.

As you near the final days, it's important to realize that the final days are it and once you walk out those doors, you won't walk back through those doors as a high school student anymore.

It's important to be your own person, but most of all, walk out of those doors with no regrets.

Senioritis is real during this time, I know. I've been there. I know how bad it feels to sit in a classroom on the nice days with a month left of school and already have committed to a college and not wanted to do work. But let me tell you that colleges really do look at that last transcript of high school, so make it count because it's your last time to make it count. (also it's not going to get any easier)

Cherish the memories you made with teachers and friends because in a couple months you will all be going your own ways. Say thank you to all those who taught you, they got you this far.

Don't forget to buy those yearbooks and most importantly thank those people who made your yearbook possible. They worked all year to make the yearbook perfect, so one year when you are looking back at your high school days, you can see all those amazing memories.

Don't forget to decorate those caps (that was my favorite part). But while you're doing it, be mindful that this is the only time you will ever decorate a high school graduation cap. Take in all those memories. Make it meaningful because you made it.

When the time comes and you put on your robe and cap, take a moment to let it all sink in, because the day is going to go by faster than you think.

When you sit down with all your peers and listen to all the speeches be mindful and try to understand each word.

Lastly, thank your parents and your family members. They are the ones helped to get you to where you are today. Without their guidance and support, you wouldn't be who you are today.

Good luck on your journey as you finish the last days of school and congratulation on the beginning of your adult life! It seems scary at first but trust me it only goes up from here!

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