Dear Gardenburger, I Have Some Questions About Your Burgers And What's In Them

Dear John Wenner:

My name is Varnell Harris, and I'm am writing to you to talk about your veggie burgers. I support your decision to make veggie burgers to supplement nonveggie burgers, but there's one flaw in that. You claim that your veggie burgers don't have anything processed or fattening in them. Your company also claims that all your vegetables are grown all-naturally. Multiple companies say that their food is free of processed vegetables and goods, aka GMOs. I am writing to your company to ask you questions about your burgers and what's in them.

First of all, I agree with what your company is doing for people. To prevent people from eating beef or pork burgers, your company created its own veggie burger. What you do to change people's lives is very appreciated by many. Veggie burgers usually contain up to 20 different ingredients, including herbs and spices. I would like to state that though I am not a vegetarian, I still looked into your company. Compared to veggie burgers, beef and pork burgers aren't as healthy. These types of burgers go beyond 500 calories.

Second, I would like to talk about some concerns. According to Livestrong, some farms use GMOs to make their products taste better. I have heard that some GMOs are unhealthy for some people. I have also heard that veggie burgers are high in sodium. Overall, I just want to know if your company is trying to prevent these effects, or if you're just giving your product to the public.

Third, according to the Food Network, "store-bought veggie burgers may have a reasonable amount of calories per serving, but the sodium can be pretty high in some brands." In a recent veggie burger taste test, testers found varieties containing as many as 390 milligrams of sodium per burger.

If the statements that websites have about your company having mainly GMOs, high sodium, having fattening ingredients is true, I highly suggest that your company tries to find a different solution to make your burgers taste better. Also, for the GMOs, I would try to find a different farm that your company gets its produce from. Thank you in advance for your time, and again I appreciate what you're doing for people.


Varnell Harris

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