Dear everyone in my life,

I am sure you can all see that I am involved in a little bit of everything. I'm a do-it-all kinda girl. While that may make me seem like somewhat of an interesting person, it can cause some issues for myself.

To the boyfriend,

I am sorry if I seem like sometimes I just don't have time for us. I'm sorry if I choose a barrel race, getting ahead on homework, working an extra weekend, or a modeling job over a date with you. I am sorry for all of the ill moods you have to deal with when I become overwhelmed or am just totally exhausted. I don't expect you to just deal with it, so I promise I'm trying to do better. Just know, it's never you. I have a need to do everything and I am just having a hard time balancing it all.

To my parents,

I promise that your support means the world to me. You have financially, mentally, emotionally and even through transportation for a period of time. I am sorry if I seemed as if my softball game or tennis match was the most important thing in the world, causing you to miss your friend's birthday dinner, or some adult time with each other. I appreciate all those times you sat there watching me at the countless sports games, school functions, etc. You are the main reason I am able to do everything I want to do.

To my friends,

Y'all are golden. Considering I have had so many friends ditch me because they didn't understand why I couldn't go to the mall with them or go to a party because of [insert one of my many commitments], y'all actually stuck around. Thank you also for attending my many events and being my biggest cheerleaders. I promise that I will always try to make time for y'all, and you can be sure that if you ever truly need me, I will drop whatever I am doing and come running.

To every coach, professor or person involved in the activity I am taking part in,

I hope you can see that I am putting forth 100 percent effort. Even though I spread myself pretty thin with all that I am involved in, I do my best to give each activity my full potential. I truly hope that shows. I do not ever want special treatment or for you to take it easy on me.

To everyone that thinks my life is fun-filled and easy,

You are way wrong. My life may be fun and full of opportunities, but it is also very stressful. There are plenty of times when I wish that I only did one thing, or nothing at all. I enjoy all the many things I am involved in: art, modeling, work, school, barrel racing, selling Thrive, being a Sand Cloud ambassador, and writing for Odyssey. They are all blessings and I am so appreciative of these opportunities, but every now and then a girl needs some wine and a bubble bath and a deep breath.


A Very Busy Girl