A Thank You To My Sorority

1. Thank you for all the times we laughed until we couldn’t see straight

2. Thank you for all the times we cried just the same.

3. For putting an arm around me and a head on my shoulder in the tough times.

4. For not judging as I stuff my face with a second helping of mashed potatoes.

5. Thank you to those always willing to squat in the front of pictures like the real MVP’s.

6. Thank you for those late nights spent together.

7. For lighting a candle with me in the darkness for support.

8. For always being down to get food at any time of day.

9. Thank you for crafting with me, and letting me use glitter on your carpet even though it is the herpes of the craft world.

10. For always holding me up.

11. For retaking 7,000 pictures with me until we look functional.

12. Thank you for dancing with me.

13. For sharing victory.

14. Thank you for forcing me to be an adult and teaching me to do things for myself.

15. For giving me something to believe in.

16. For sending me all the pictures from the night before in a massive group chat.

17. For not being afraid to match with me.

18. Thank you for not letting me feel alone in college or anywhere else.

19. For making me stronger.

20. For the stories and the words of wisdom.

21. For showing me what it’s like to have over 100 sisters.

22. Thank you for the memories, just like Fall Out Boy said.

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